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bold capitals, throughout double line spacing -- the author's surname and initials, lower -- the name of an institution, town, country). The official languages of the Symposium are Russian and English. The registration fee for participants is US $100.

P. Applegate and Victor Hugo Reynoso Rosales.

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ELE 2001
Evolution of Life on the Earth
Tomsk State University Siberian Paleontological Scientific
Center, Nov. 12-15 2001
1st Circular

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10th. International Meeting on
Early Vertebrates / Lower

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 5th.-9th. May 2003
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio
Grande do Sul
Museu de Ciências e Tecnologia
Laboratório de Paleontologia

Intercontinental and interhemispherical stratigraphical correlations based on Lower/Early vertebrates; palaeoenvironments/geochronological dating based on early vertebrate faunas; correlations of marine/non-marine fish-bearing strata; Systematics and evolution of fossil and extant agnathans and fishes, especially the South American and other Gondwanan faunas. IGCP business meetings; pre-Meeting field trip to vertebrate localities of the Paraná Basin Abstracts volume plus Special Meeting's volume with complete papers.

First Circular and Instructions for Authors
due soon at:
(Laboratório de

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Papers on the following problems are invited [NB titles to be sent ASAP]: 1. Problems on evolution and
systematization of superior taxa. 2. Environmental changes and biota evolution.
3. Genetic and molecular essentials of evolution.
4. Ancient life -- Precambrian and Early Cambrian.
5.Organic life of the marine Paleozoic. 6. Organic life of the marine Mesozoic. 7. Organic life of the marine Cenozoic. 8. Phanerozoic flora and continental paleolandscapes.
9. Cenozoic verterbrates. Quatemary paleoecosystems and Early man. 10. Biosphere development in the exhibits of paleontological museums.

The Proceedings of the Symposium will be published. Authors who wish to contribute a paper must submit a preliminary application with a title of a report to the Organizing Committee by June 30,2000 (or ASAP). Paper in final form (three page manuscripts, DINA4, line spacing 1.0) should be submitted by December 31, 2000. An electronic variant of the text processed in MSWord 6.0-8.0 should also be presented (Times New Roman Font 14, single line spacing, indented lines, all margins 2 cm, justify. The title must be in



There are several translations already on the Web site. Please let me know what you have and in which language. The translations are mostly TOEnglish from German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or French. Other combinations (e.g. Lithuanian to French etc) will be gratefully received. Send copies of any Palaeozoic fossil fish translations to Dr S. Turner, Queensland Museum, and if you want translations try the web site. See past Ichthyolith Issuesfor more information. PLEASE SEND COPIES OF YOUR TRANSLATIONS TO MAKE THIS WORK, FOR NEW STUDENTS ESPECIALLY.
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