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Baltic Stratigraphical Conference Abstracts.
R_ga, p6-8.
Ivanov A.O. 1999. Late Devonian - Early
Permian chondrichthyans of the Russian
Arctic. Acta Geologica Polonica. 49(3):267-
Ivanov A.O. 1999. Tooth internal morphology
of Palaeozoic symmoriid sharks.
Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication 5,
VANOVA. & DERYCKEC. 1999. Distribution of
Givetian Omalodusshark assemblage.
Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication 5,

Papers in press
Esin D., Ginter M., Ivanov A., Lebedev O.,
Luk_evi_s E., Avkhimovich V., Golubtsov
V. & Petukhova L.: Vertebrate correlation of
the Upper Devonian and Lower
Carboniferous on the East European
Platform. Courier Forschungs-Institut
Ginter M. & Ivanov A.: Stratigraphic
distribution of chondrichthyans in the Middle
and Upper Devonian of the East European
Platform margin. Courier Forschungs-Institut

Dr Philippe JANVIER, U.R.A. 12 du CNRS, Lab. de Paléontologie, MNHN, 8 rue Buffon, 75005, Paris, FRANCE

Papers of note:
Janvier P. & Villarroel A.C. 1998. Los Peces
Devónicos del Macizo de Floresta (Boyacá,
Colombia). Consideraciones taxonómicas,
biostratigráficas y ambientales. Geologia
Colombiana,No 23. pp. 3-18.
Janvier P. 1999. Ostracoderms and the shaping
of gnathostome characters. In Major
Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution:
Palaeontology, Phylogeny and Development.
A joint Systematics Association / Natural
Histroy Museum meeting 8-9 April 1999, p.
Zhu Min Y-X & Janvier P. 1999. A primitive
fossil fish sheds light on the origin of bony
fishes. Nature397, 607-610.

Zerina JOHANSON, Macquarie University Centre for Ecostratigraphy and Palaeobiology, School of Earth Sciences, Macquarie University, NSW 2109, AUSTRALIA.

This year Zerina joined Sue Turner and Anne Warren in sorting out the sarcopt fishes of the Early Carboniferous Ducabrook Formation, Queensland. She visited the site with Alex Ritchie in June '99 and collected yet more rhizodont material. A first paper on the strepsodont was submitted to Geodiversitas. She is currently working on sarcopts from a series of late Devonian fish sites in New South Wales; in Edinburgh she spoke about her work on a Late Devonian rhizodont.

Papers of note:
Ahlberg P.E., and Johanson Z. 1998.
Osteolepiforms and the ancestry of

Johanson Z. & Young G.C. 1999. New
Bothriolepis(Antiarchi: Placodermi) from the
Braidwood region, New South Wales,
Australia (Middle-Late Devonian). Records
of the Western Australian Museum
Supplement No. 57:55-75.
Johanson, Z. & Ritchie, A. 2000. A new Late
Famennian lungfish from New South Wales,
Australia, and its bearing on Australian-
Asian relations. Alcheringa 24, 99-118. Johanson, Z., Turner, S. & Warren, A. 2000. First
East Gondwana record of Strepsodus
(Sarcopterygii, Rhizodontida), from the Lower
Carboniferous Ducabrook Formation, Central
Queensland, Australia. Geodiversitas 22(2): 161-

Assoc. Pr. Gary D. JOHNSON, Dept Earth Sciences & Physics, University of South Dakota, 414 East Clark Street, Vermillion SD, USA
Fax: 1 605 677 6121

Paper of note:
Johnson G.D. 1999. Dentitons of Late Palaeozoic Orthacanthusspecies and new species of ?Xenacanthus(Chondrichthyes: xenacanthiformes) from North America. Acta Geologica Polonica49 (3): 215-266.

Dr Valentina KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA, Lithuanian Institute of Geology, Sevcenkos 13, 2600 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Fax: (370 2) 23 67 10

Valya has had research visits from Moya Smith, Alain Blieck and Daniel Goujet and with others is working on the Severnaya Zemlya volume. She made presentations at the 3rd and 4th Baltic Symposiums. Her major methodological paper concerning thelodonts, chondrichthyans etc. was published in Berlin. She has worked with Tiiu on a survey of thelodonts for the upcoming revision of Obruchev's Fundamentals of Palaeontology. In mid August 1999 she was busy being a grandmother again!

Papers of note:
Karatajute-Talimaa V. 1998. Determination
methods for the exoskeletal remains of
Early Vertebrates. Mitteilungen aus dem
Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.
Geowissenschaftliche Reihe 1: 21-51. Karatajute-Talimaa V., Brazauskas A. &
Valiukevi_ius J. 1999. Vertebrate
assemblages of the Silurian/Devonian
boundry beds and the section completeness
in the Baltic Syneclise. In: 4th Baltic
Stratigraphical Conference. Problems and