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Michalran a very successful meeting in Warsaw in September 1998 (see reports above) and then edited the manuscripts for Acta Geological Polonicanow out as volume 47 with an additional paper by Gary Johnson in volume 47.3.

Special Publication of Note:
Ginter, M., and Wilson, M. V. H. (Editors).
1998. IGCP 406 Circum-Arctic Palaeozoic
Faunas and Facies. Faculty of Geology,
Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland,
September 3-8, 1998 Ichthyolith Issues
Special Publication4:1-62.

Papers of note:
Ginter M. 1998. Taxonomic problems with
Carboniferous "cladodont-level" sharks'
teeth. pp. 14-16. In: Ichthyolith Issues
Special Publication 4.
Ginter M. & Turner S. 1999. The early
Famennian recovery of phoebodont sharks.
Acta Geologica Polonica. 49(2):105-117. Ginter M. 1999. Late Famennian pelagic shark
assemblages. Ichthyolith IssuesSpecial
Publication 5, 18-20.
Ginter, M. 1999, Famennian - Touraisian
chondrichthyan microremains from the
Eastern Thuringian Slate Mountains,
Abhandlungen und Berichte Fur Naturkunde,
21, 25-47.

Papers in press:
Esin D., Ginter M., Ivanov A., Lebedev O.,
Luk_evi_s E., Avkhimovich V., Golubtsov
V. & Petukhova L.: Vertebrate correlation
of the Upper Devonian and Lower
Carboniferous on the East European
Platform. Courier Forschungs-Institut
Ginter, M. & Ivanov, A.: Stratigraphic
distribution of chondrichthyans in the
Middle and Upper Devonian of the East
European Platform margin. Courier
Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg

Dr Daniel GOUJET, Lab. de Paléontologie, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 8 Rue Buffon, F-75005 Paris, FRANCE.
E-Mail: goujet@mnhn.fr

Daniel participated at Jurmala with a talk on arctic placoderms and also in a spirited dance with the Latvian University folk company.

Papers of note
Goujet D. 1999. Placoderms and basal
gnathostome apomorphies.- In: Ahlberg G.
(conven.), Major Events in Early Vertebrate
Evolution: Palaeontology, Phylogeny and
Development (joint Systematics Association
/ Natural History Museum meeting, 8-9 April
1999, London): 11 [abstract].
Goujet D.F. 1999. Placoderm distribution and
Devonian paleogeography in the Circum-
Arctic.- In: 4th Baltic Stratigraphic
Conference & IGCP 406: Circum-Arctic
Palaeozoic Vertebrates meeting, Jurmala,

Latvia, Sept. 27 Ichthyolith Issues, [abstract].

- Oct. 2, Spec. Publ.

1999).- 5: 20

Papers in press
Goujet D. ed. (in press).- Palaeontology and
stratigraphy of the Silurian-Devonian of
Severnaya Zemlya, Russia [provisional
title].- Geodiversitas, 15 papers; Paris (13
papers submitted and accepted, 2 papers in
Goujet D. (in press).- Placoderms.- In:
McMillan Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

Eileen D. GROGANAdelphi University, Biology Dept, Garden City, NY 11530, USA. E-mail: egrogan@sju.edu

Dick Lund and I have new cochliodonts identified, have been constantly revising a cladogram of chondrichthyan relationships, last upgrade (presented during April meetings in London), follows my reexamination of Helodus) and analyses of jaw and cranial evolution. We're also revising a manuscript which proposes a model to explain the depositional features of the Bear Gulch and the quality of fossil preservation. You can access the Bear Gulch website at:

Papers of note
Grogan E.D. 1999. On the anatomy and
relationships of Helodus simplex.Abstracts
of papers, 59th Annual Meeting of
Vertebrate Paleontology, Denver, Colorado,
October 20-23, 1999. JVP 19(3) September
1999, p48A.
Lund R., & Grogan E.D. 1999. The cranial
anatomy and relationships of some
Carboniferous euchondrocephalans.
Abstracts of papers op. cit..JVP 19(3)
September 1999, p60A.

Dr Oliver HAMPE, Museum fur Naturkunde, Zentralinstitut der Humbold-Universitat zu Berlin, Invalidenstr. 43, D-10115, Berlin, Germany

Oliver is studying the histology of xenacanthoid teeth and has been sorting out the British Carboniferous xenacanth teeth - now completed - the final report was given at Jurmala.

Papers of note:
Hampe O. 1999. Revision of the Xenacanthida
(Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii) from the
Carboniferous of the British Isles: final
results.Ichthyolith Issues Special
Publication 5, 20-21.
Hampe, O. & Long, J.A. 1999. The histology
of Middle Devonian chondrichthyan teeth
from southern Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Records of the Western Australian Museum
Supplement No. 57:23-36.