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acanthodians from the Severnaya Zemlya
Archipelago. Geodiversitas.

* * * * * * * * * *
Jo M.J. VERGOOSSEN, Paleontologische Werkkamer, Biologisch Centrum, Rijkuniversitat Groningen, PB 14, 9750 AA Haaren, THE NETHERLANDS

Jo is in the final stages of writing his thesis.

Papers of note:
Vergoossen J.M.J. 1999. Siluro-Devonian
microfossils of Acanthodii and
Chondrichthyes (Pisces) from the Welsh
Borderland/South Wales. Modern Geology,
24, 23-90.
Vergoossen J.M.J. 1999. Late Silurian fish
microfossils from Rams
åsa, locality H,
Scania, South Sweden.Ichthyolith Issues
Special Publication 5, 52-53.

Paper in press:
Vergoossen J.M.J.: Acanthodian and chondrichthyan microremains in the Siluro- Devonian of the Welsh Borderland, Great Britain, and their biostratigraphical potential. Courier Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg

* * * * * * * * * *
WANG Nian-Zhong, I.V.P.P., P.O. Box 643, Academia Sinica, Beijing 100044, CHINA

Papers of note:
Wang N.Z., Zhang S.B., Wang J.Q., and Zhu
M. 1998. Early Silurian chondrichthyan
microfossils from Bachu County, Xinjiang,
China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica36:257-267. Wang N.Z., Wang J.Q., Zhang G.R. & Wang
S.T. 1998. The first discovery of Silurian
and Early Devonian acanthodians from
Zoige and Tewo counties, West Qinling
Mountains. Vertebrata PalAsiatica36:268-

Papers in press
Zhu Min & Wang Jun-qing: Silurian vertebrate assemblages of China. Courier Forschungs- Institut Senckenberg
Zhu Min, Wang Nian-zhong & Wang Jun-qing: Devonian macro- and microvertebrate assemblages of China. Courier Forschungs- Institut Senckenberg

* * * * * * * * * *
¶Hans-Martin WEBER, Universität Köln, Geologisches Institut, Zülpicher Strasse 49a, Köln, D- GERMANY
fx 49 (0)221 470 5050

Hans-Martin is interested in the Late Devonian fishes of the Bergisch-Gladbach and in addition is working on Lower Carboniferous carbonates from Belgium. He has found a rich microfauna which includes teeth of Bransonella.

Lisa WHITENACK, USA - from the net E-mail: whitenac@students.uiuc.edu

Lisa sent this to the VP listserver:

While I'm sorry to say that I don't know of any Cladodusspecimens that have more than the teeth preserved, I would like to say thanks again to those who helped me with my Cladodus/form taxon problem earlier this year. My senior thesis is FINALLY done! The title of it is "The Fauna and Paleoecology of the Burlington Formation (Mississippian) of Missouri, with a focus on Chondrichthyan Ichthyoliths" If anyone is interested in a copy, let me know...I did devote a small chapter to the status of Cladodus.

Mark V.H. WILSON, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA T6G 2E9
E-mail: Mark_Wilson@biology.ualberta.ca

We continue to find amazing things in our samples from the MOTH site, but most of the new undescribed species are coming in the acanthodian and problematic heterostracan areas rather than in the thelodonts. Nevertheless I'm still very interested in the fork-tails. The more I work with them the more I think they share something special with pteraspidiforms.
I've got a couple of undergraduate students doing projects on cephalaspids these days. One of them is zeroing in on the sandy filling of the inner ear that we see in cephalaspids, acanthodians, and putative chondrichthyans at the MOTH site. It also occurs in acanthodians at Miguasha.

Books /Papers of Note:
Ginter M., & Wilson M.V.H. (Editors). 1998.
IGCP 406 Circum-Arctic Palaeozoic Faunas
and Facies. Faculty of Geology, Warsaw
University, Warsaw, Poland, September 3-8,
1998 Ichthyolith IssuesSpecial Publication
Luksevics E., Stinkulis G. & Wilson, M.V.H.
(eds.) Lower -Middle Palaeozoic Events
Across the Circum-Arctic. A joint Baltic
Stratigraphical Association/IGCP 406
Project meeting. Jurmala, Latvia,
September-October 1999. Ichthyolith
Issues Special Publication 5, 1-67. Wilson M.V.H., Hanke G.F., & Sahney S.
1999. Observations on the head of some
Lower Devonian gnathostomes. Ichthyolith
Issues Special Publication 5, p54-55. Wilson M.V.H., Hanke G.F., & Sahney S.
1999. Teeth, jaws, and ears in some early
gnathostomes. Abstracts of papers, 59th
Annual Meeting of Vertebrate Paleontology,
Denver, Colorado, October 20-23, 1999.
JVP 19(3) September 1999, p85A.

Paper in press:
Soehn K. L., Märss T., Hanke G.F. & Wilson M. V. H.: Preliminary vertebrate