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material which arrived this morning!). It's keeping Ken, Alex and I very very busy! I have no time available for research until this gallery opens.

However, John Long had a successful trip to Japan and Okinawa - he is now a grand master (martial arts) so don't mess with JOHN! (manuscript reviewers beware).

Baynes A. & Long J.A. 1999. Papers in
Vertebrate palaeontology. Records of the
Western Australian Museum, Supplement
no. 57, 424pp.

Papers of note:
Anderson M.E., Almond J.E., Evans F.J. &
Long J.A. 1998. Devonian (Emsian-Eifelian)
fishes from the lower Bokkeveld Group
(Ceres Subgroup) of South Africa. In
Almond J., Anderson J., Booth P.
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Long J.A. 1999. A new genus of fossil
coelacanth (Osteichthyes:
Coelacanthiformes) from the Middle
Devonian of southeastern Australia.
Records of the Western Australian Museum
Supplement No. 57:37-53.
Long J.A. & Ahlberg P.E. 1999. New
observations on the snouts of rhizodont
fishes (Palaeozoic Sarcopterygii). Records
of the Western Australian Museum
Supplement No. 57:169-173.

Paper in press:
Long J.A. & Trinajstic, K.M.: An overview of the Devonian microvertebrate faunas of Western Australia. Courier Forschungs- Institut Senckenberg.

LU Liwu, Associate Curator of Paleontology, National Geological Museum of China, Xisi, Beijing 100034, P.R.CHINA
Email: lulw@163.net

Thank you very much for Ichthyolith Issues, It is very helpful for my work. In the past decades, apart from the Palaeozoic fishes, I have studied fossil fishes from the bird- bearing beds in North China. Last month, I finished a successful dig in the Carboniferous of Ningxia collecting fossil fishes in the Namurian of northwest China. Many fishes, both macro- and microfossils, have been found. Our program was supported by NSFC. Is there new information on Carboniferous fossil fishes, especially from the Namurian stage?

Papers of interest:

Lu Liwu 1994, A new paddlefish from the
Upper Jurassic of Northeast China.
VertebrataPalAsiatica, 32(2):134-142. Ren dong, Lu Liwu & et. al., 1995, Faunae
and stratigraphy of Jurassic-Cretaceous in
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Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. p59A.

Ervins LÚKSEVIKS, Institute of Geology, University of Latvia, Rainis Blvd 19, Riga LV- 1586, LATVIA

Ervins and his colleagues at the University of Latvia are to be congratulated for organising a most successful joint IGCP 406 symposium and the 4th Baltic Symposium in Jurmala.

Books of note:
Luk_evi_s E., Stinkulis _. & Kalni_a L. (eds.)
The Fourth Baltic Stratigraphical
Conference. Problems and Methods of
Modern Regional Stratigraphy. Abstracts,
126pp., R_ga.
Luk_evi_s E., Stinkulis _ and Wilson M.V.H.
(eds.) Lower -Middle Palaeozoic Events
Across the Circum-Arctic. A joint Baltic
Stratigraphical Association/IGCP 406
Project meeting. J_rmala, Latvia,
September-October 1999. Ichthyolith
Issues Special Publication5, 67pp., Riga.