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Henning BLOM, Department of Earth Sciences, Historical Geology and Palaeontology, Norbyvägen 22, S-752 36 Uppsala, SWEDEN
Tel: + 46 18 471 27 40, Fax: + 46 18 471 27 49
E-mail: Henning.Blom@pal.uu.se

Henning is reviewing anaspid scales with Tiiu Märss and Giles Miller. He gave a talk on their findings at Jurmala. They have sorted out scale types on the well-known articulated specimens from Norway and can now relate isolated remains to these and recognise new taxa.

Papers of note:
Blom H. 1999. Loganellia(Thelodonti,
Agnatha) from the Lower Silurian of North
Greenland. Acta Geologica Polonica,
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and Lowermost Devonian birkeniid anaspid
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and Britain.Ichthyolith Issues Special
Publication5, p12-13.
Blom, H. 2000 in press. Silurian vertebrates
from North Greenland. Courier Forschungs-
Institut Senckenberg

Wim van der BRUGGHEN, 20 Watchmeal Crescent, Fairfley, Clydebank, Glasgow G8I 5EB, SCOTLAND.

Wim is still pursuing and finding beautiful Silurian thelodont specimens in Scotland. He is working on the internal squamation of Loganellia scotica.

a bag of Scottish fossil fish (mostly acanthodians) to prepare. Otherwise she is working on her thesis. She writes:
Heard a few interesting talks in London (NHM meeting), and now know, amongst other things, a few molecular biol/genetics/systematics etc buzz-words and that lungfish are more closely related to us than coelacanths. Cyclostomata are a real entity again; and oral/pharyngeal denticles AREN'T the same as scales according to some - oh well! back to the drawing board!

Papers of note:
Burrow, C.J. & Trinajstic, K. 1999. Fish
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Papers in press
Burrow C.J. & Turner, S. Silurian vertebrates
from Australia. Courier Forschungs-Institut
Burrow C.J., Turner, S. & Wang Shi-tao:
Devonian microvertebrates from
Longmenshan, Sichuan, China: taxonomic
assessment. Courier Forschungs-Institut

Ken S.W. CAMPBELL, Department of Geology, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 2600, AUSTRALIA
Ken and Dick Barwick are still busy in 'retirement' working on various lungfish.

Campbell, K.S.W. & Barwick, R.E. 1999.
Dipnoan fishes from the Late Devonian
Gogo Formation of Western Australia.
Records of the Western Australian Museum
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Campbell, K.S.W. & Barwick, R.E. 1999.
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**************************** ¶Benita CHAMBERS, 9 Panek Crescent Mount Isa, Queensland 4825, Australia

IMAGE imgs/I.I.20.web20.jpg

Wim and ed. had a mini-workshop on Scottish thelodonts in Glasgow, Jan. 1999

Carole BURROW, Vertebrate Palaeontology Laboratory, Department of Zoology & Entomology, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Q4072, AUSTRALIA.
E-mail: CBurrow@zoology.uq.edu.au

Carole had a very useful meeting with Bob Davidson and Nigel Trewin up in the wilds of the Midland Valley of ScotlandTillywhanland quarries in March 1999. She came back with