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IGCP 406 "Circum-Arctic Lower-Middle Palaeozoic Vertebrate Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy"
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Summary of Reports for 1998 -1999

Alexander V. Kanygin - Early Palaeozoic seas in Siberia on the eve of the global expansion of vertebrates: formation of multistage marine ecosystems
Tatiana M. Beznosova - Ordovician/Silurian boundary in the sub-polar Urals: biostratigraphic aspect
Natalya V. Belyaeva - Paragenetic associations of rocks reflecting incomplete structure of sequences (Late Devonian of Pechora basin)
Marek Lewandowski - Assembly of Pangea: combined palaeomagnetic and palaeoclimatic approach

2nd session: Conodonts and vertebrates Peep Männik - Telychian sedimentary basins and conodont faunas
Alexei Kuzmin, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Orlov - Middle to Upper Devonian boundary beds of the Timan, Russia
Tamara Nemyrovska - Bashkirian and Moscovian conodonts of the Donets Basin, Ukraine
Ieva Upeniece - The first finds of fossil parasitic flatworms (Platyhelminthes) [in fish] Olga B. Afanassieva - New Data on osteostracans from Severnaya Zemlya (Russia)
Tiiu Märss *, Ken L. Soehn, Mark V.H. Wilson - Microvertebrate-based correlations of the Llandovery-Wenlock boundary in some sections of the Selwyn and Franklinian sedimentary basins, northern Canada Elga Mark-Kurik - Placoderms in the Lower and Middle Devonian of Severnaya Zemlya Daniel Goujet - Placoderms from the Lower Devonian of Arctic Canada: new anatomical features and stratigraphic distribution Robert K. Carr*, Elga Mark-Kurik - Reanalysis of Heterostiusand Homostius(brachythoracid arthrodires: Placodermi):Implications on systematics and paleogeography.
Pierre-Yves Gagnier, Mark V.H. Wilson, Gavin F. Hanke - A new acanthodian from the Early Devonian of the Northwest Territories, Canada Hans-Peter Schultze - The primitive actinopterygian Dialipina
Yuri M. Gubin - Permian amphibians of northern Russia.
Mikhail A. Shishkin *, Evgeniya K. Sytchevskaya - New data on the endemic vertebrate assemblage from the Permo- (?)Triassic Bugarikta Formation of the lower Tunguska River Basin, central Siberia.

Poster session included:
Tatiana Beznosova - Ordovician-Silurian boundary at the Subpolar Urals: biostratigraphic aspects
Michal Ginter - Taxonomic problems with Carboniferous "cladodont-level" sharks' teeth Alexei Kuzmin - Fammenian conodonts from Climenievyi Cape of Novaya Zemlya Alexei Kuzmin, Alexander Ivanov - Late Givetian - Frasnian conodont and vertebrate assemblages of the Middle Timan, Russia. Markus Otto - A new antiarch from the Devonian of Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada

The project has grown to more participants from 18 countries.

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Since the last newsletter the main 1998 meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland. IGCP 406 was also represented t at the Silurian Subcommission meeting in Spain (Märss), the ECOS VII (conodont) meeting in Italy (see report below), and SVP meetings in U.S.A. Several smaller workshops, field meetings, and field trips (funded by other agencies) were also held by project participants.

IGCP 406 Annual Meeting: Circum-Arctic Palaeozoic Faunas and Facies Geological Institute, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland, Sept. 3-8 1998 including Timan- Pechora and Chondrichthyan workshops.

Was hosted by Instytut Geologii Podstawowej, Wydzia Geologii, Uniwersytet Warszawski (Institute of Geology, Faculty of Geology, Warsaw University); Meeting Organisers were Michal Ginter, Stan Skompski and B. Sobociñska.

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Field party at Checiny Castle site (M. Ginter photo)

Edited outline of the meeting:-

1st session included Stratigraphy and invertebrates
Rostislav G. Matukhin *, Vladimir Menner, Valentina Karatajute-Talimaa, Sergey Melnikov, Tatiana Modzalevskaya, Peep Männik, Tiiu Märss - On the reconstruction of the Palaeozoic sedimentary basins and palaeotectonic conditions in the modern Arctic shelves.