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Paper in press
Schneider J.W., Hampe O. & Soler-Gijón, R. The Late Carboniferous and Permian: aquatic vertebrate zonation in southern Spain and German basins. Courier Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg

Simon K. HASLETT, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Bath College of Higher Education, Newton Park, Newton St. Loe, Bath BA2 9BN, U.K.

Paper of interest:
Haslett S.K. 1998. Biostratigraphic synthesis of vertebrate and plant occurrences in the Lower Old Red Sandstone(Siluro-Devonian) of southern Gwent, Wales, UK. N. Jb. Geol. Palaeont. Mh. 3:182-192.

Maria & Dirk HOVESTADT, Merwedelaan 6, 4535 ET Terneuzen, The NETHERLANDS NEW tel 0115 648567.
Fax 0115 648566.
E-mail: dmhovest@zeelandnet.nl

...had a successful trip to Australia last year and did co-operative work with Sasha Ivanov this year on shark teeth histology.


Some time ago he sent this message:

I am now working as a science teacher at a school just outside Oslo. I do not have my own email address yet because the school cannot afford to have separate addresses for all the teachers. I'm still doing some research on early vertebrates, and Natascha Heintz and I am in the progress of finishing up a paper on the Gigantaspids from Spitsbergen.
Natascha is retired now. The universities in Norway no longer find Palaeozoic vertebrates very interesting, and it does not seem like they will hire any fish people at all. Hopefully Ican keep in touch with you guys on the 406 project as good as I can. I'm sorry that it goes down the drain with early vertebrates in Norway, and other places too [e.g. the NR in Stockholm where Ulf Borgen lost his position in May - ed.]. Please send my best to everybody!!!!

NB Natascha did visit Australia in September 1998.

¶Wayne ITANO, 1995 Dartmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80303, U.S.A.
Phone: 1 (303) 499-4248, fax: 1 (303) 497- 7375
E-mail: <witano@sni.net>
Home Page:

Research interests: Paleozoic particularly Chondrichthyes from Pennsylvanian of Colorado.


I'm an atomic physicist working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Paleontology is my hobby. One of my projects is a website consisting of photographs and descriptions of fossils found by me or by other members of my family. The home page of the fossil section is


My interest in Paleozoic fishes really began with finding a largely complete Ctenacanthus finspine. To see a picture and description, follow the links from my main fossil page to the Minturn Formation page and then the Ctenacanthuspage. John Maisey has it now, but he sent me a cast. Last summer, I took on the project of finishing up a publication on Pennsylvanian sharks from the Minturn Formation of Colorado. Hence, I'm trying to collect any and all references that could be of use in this. I have easy access to the University of Colorado library, but it lacks quite a few things that look interesting, including Ichthyolith Issues.
The publication started out in about 1984, when Martin Lockley (Univ. of Colorado at Denver) found a large number of shark teeth at a locality in the Minturn Formation in Colorado. Practically nothing has been written on the subject. There were several teeth that had never been reported from Colorado, and one, Lagarodus, that was practically unknown in North America. There were also several finspine taxa represented. After I finish this project I might try to do some work on the microvertebrates from the same locality.

Publication in progress:
"Shark remains from the Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation, Eagle County, Colorado," (tentative title), with Martin Lockley, Karen Houck, Michael Hansen, Barbara Stahl

Alexander O. IVANOV, Lab. of Paleontology, Institute of Earth Crust, University of St- Petersburg, 16 Linija 29, St Petersburg 199178, Russia
Email: aoi@duxnet.dux.ru

Alexander spent 6 months in Lille as a European visiting scientist working with Claire Derycke and Alain Blieck.

Papers of note:
Belyaeva N.V. and Ivanov A.O.1998. Lyaiol' -
a treasury of fossil vertebrates. Vestnik
Instituta Geologii Komi Nauchnogo Tsentra
RAN, 6, 14-15. [in Russian].
Ahlberg P.E., Ivanov A., Luk_evi_s E. and
Mark-Kurik E. 1999. Middle and Upper
Devonian correlation of the Baltic area and
Scotland based on fossil fishes. In: 4th