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If others would like to have a good look at such Palaeozoic phosphatic delights, send stories to the next issues.

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* * * * * *
José I. VALENZUELA RIOS, Departmento de Geologia, Universitat de Valencia, SPAIN E-mail: Jose.I.Valenzuela@uv.es

Nacho enjoyed himself immensely at the ECOS VII conference and field trip. He, Sven Stouge and Andrew Simpson formed the "ECOS swim team" and ploughed up and down the pool in the Hotel Sporting Trexante in Senorbi village, Sardinia. The pool was complete with an inflatable shark, rumoured to be there to make the Australians feel more at home.

Papers of note.
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Dr Juozas VALIUKECIUS, Lithuanian Institute of Geology, Sevcenkos 13, 2600 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
FAX: (370 2) 23 67 10

Papers of note:
Valiukevicius, J. 1998. Acanthodians and
zonal stratigraphy of Lower and Middle
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papers in press:
Valiukevicius J.J. & Kruchek, S.:
Acanthodian biostratigraphy and
interregional correlations of the Devonian of
the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, and
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Mathukhin R.G., and Menner V.V. (editors)
Stratigraphy of Silurian and Devonian of
Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago. [In
Valiukevicius J. (In press). Devonian

IMAGE imgs/I.I.20.web24.jpg

Coprolite inclusions "pie" from McAllister, J. 1996

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