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Paper of note:
Tintori A. 1998. New chondrichthyan fauna from the Guadakyouab (middle Permian) of the sultanate of Oman. Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication 4: 48-49.
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Kate TRINAJSTIC, Western Australian Museum, Francis St. Perth, WA 6000, AUSTRALIA

Kate finished her thesis and is planning post- doc work. She has submitted several papers on the thelodont and shark fauna of the early Frasnian in Western Australia.

Papers of note:
Trinajstic K. 1998. Frasnian sharks from the
Gneudna Formation, Western australia.
Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication4, 50. Trinajstic K. 1999a. Scale morphology of the
Late Devonian palaeoniscoid Moythomasia
durgaringa Gardiner and Bartram 1977.
Alcheringa23, 9-19.
Trinajstic K.M. 1999b. Scales of
palaeoniscoid fishes (Osteichthyes:
Actinopterygii) from the Late Devonian of
Western Australia. Records of the Western
Australian MuseumSupplement No. 57:93-
Trinajstic K.M. & McNamara K.J. 1999.
Heterochrony in the Late Devonian
arthrodiran fishes Compagopiscis and
Incisoscutum. Records of the Western
Australian MuseumSupplement No. 57: 77-

Paper in press:
Long J.A. & Trinajstic K.M.: An overview of the Devonian microvertebrate faunas of Western Australia. Courier Forschungs- Institut Senckenberg.

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Dr Sue TURNER, Queensland Museum, P.O. Box 3300, S. Brisbane, Q 4101, AUSTRALIA

....is just too busy!!!! But thoroughly enjoyed her 6 months as a D.A.A.D. Visiting Professor teaching in Hannover during Winter 98-99. She gave a series of 15 lectures on the Geology of Australia and with Detlev Thies gave a combined lecture/prac. course on fish microfossils; they were joined for one session by Jo Vergoossen (Univ. Groningen). While in Europe she had chances to visit and sometimes lecture at the Senckenberg, the Humboldt, Universities of Bonn, Cologne, Copenhagen, Marburg Tübingen, Villeneuve d'Ascq and Warsaw; as well as quick visits to the Natural History Museum and to see Wim van den Brugghenin Glasgow, with a brief look at East Kirkton Quarry in the snow and a running 10 minute tour of the newly-opened Museum of Scotland provided by former Keeper, Ian Rolfe, giving her a quick glimpse of the Turinia pageimodel which she helped create. She also had a chance to visit Dr Vlad Babuska at UNESCO in Paris before his

Jonas is a new student of Valya Talimaa's and Juozas Valiukevicius. He is doing his master's thesis on microremains of Upper Devonian actinopts from the Baltic States, Belarus, etc. (scales, teeth and otoliths). Please send relevant reprints.

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Rodrigo SOLER-GIJON, Paläontologisch- Geologisches Institut und Museum, für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität, Invalidenstr. 43, D-10115 Berlin, GERMANY

I was very busy with the corrections of two manuscripts related with xenacanths. One on the structure and growth of the occipital spine of Orthacanthus(J. Morphology) and other on trace fossils (fish trails (ichnogenus Undichna) produced by xenacanths together with tetrapod trackways (probably from microsaurs) from the Stephanian of Puertollano (submitted to Lethaia). On the other hand I continue with the baby and juvenile sharks (small Cretaceous hybodont from Las Hoyas?). Also, I am studying (with Jiri Zidek) small complete xenacanths from Bohemia.

Papers of note:
Soler-Gijón R. 1998. Heterochrony and the
evolution of xenacanth sharks. Ichthyolith
Issues Special Publication 4.,46
Soler-Gijón R. & Hampe, O. 1998. Evidence
of TriodusJORDAN 1849 (Elasmobranchii:
Xenacanthida) in the Lower Permian of the
Autun Basin (Muse, France). N. Jb. Geol.
Paläont. Mh., 1998: 335-348, 4 figs., 2
tabs; Stuttgart.

Paper in press:
Schneider J.W., Hampe O. & Soler-Gijón R.: The Late Carboniferous and Permian: aquatic vertebrate zonation in southern Spain and German basins. Courier Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg

* * * * * * * * * * Dr Barbara J STAHL, 100 Magnolia Manchester, New Hampshire 03104, USA bjstahl@anselm.edu


Barabara has finished her magnum opus, the latest Handbook of Paleoichthologyon Holocephali.

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