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Methods of Modern Regional Stratigraphy.
Abstracts. R_ga, p42-43.
Karatajute-Talimaa V. & Smith M.M. 1999.
Scales of the oldest acanthodians
(morphology, histology and growth types).
Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication 5,

Papers in press
Afanassieva O., & Karatajute-Talimaa V.
Osteostracans. In: Mathukhin, R.G., and
Menner, V.V. (editors) Stratigraphy of
Silurian and Devonian of Severnaya Zemlya
Archipelago. [In Russian]
Karatajute-Talimaa VLower Devonian
(Lochkovian) thelodonts from the October
Revolution Island (Severnaya Zemlya
Archipelago). Geodiversitas.
Karatajute-Talimaa V. & Blieck A.
[Heterostracans].- In: Matukhin R.G. &
Menner V.V. (eds), Stratigrafiya silura i
devona arkhipelaga Severnaya Zemlya
[Stratigraphy of the Silurian and Devonian
of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago];
Novosibirsk [In Russian].
Karatajute-Talimaa V., and Märss T Upper
Silurian thelodonts of Severnaya Zemlya
Archipelago. Geodiversitas.
Karatajute-Talimaa V., & Märss T. Thelodonts.
In: Mathukhin, R.G., and Menner, V.V.
(editors) Stratigraphy of Silurian and
Devonian of Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago.
[In Russian]
Karatajute-Talimaa V.N.: Significance of
thelodonts (Agnatha) in correlation of the
uppermost Ordovician to Lower Devonian of
the northern part of Eurasia. Courier
Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg

Dr Anne KEMP, Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Qld 4072, Australia
E-mail: a.kemp@mailbox.uq.edu.au


Anne is continuing with projects on conodonts and lungfish.

Paper of interest
Turner S., Kemp A. & Warren A. A., 1999.
First Early Carboniferous lungfish (Dipnoi,
Ctenodontidae) from central Queensland.
Alcheringa23, 177-182.

Dr Natasha KRUPINA, Paleoichthyology Lab., Paleontological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences 123, Profsoyuznaya st., Moscow, 117647, RUSSIA
Voice: (095)339-74-88, Fax: (095)339-12-66, e-mail: nkrup@paleo.msk.su

I completed a paper (given to the Paleontological Zhurnalin October 1995) "The shoulder girdle and opercular series of Andreyevichthys epitomus, a Late Devonian dipnoan from the Tula Region of Russia". The

shoulder girdle and opercular are interpreted as structures taking part in breathing with consequent evolutionary transformations of the dipnoan exoskeletonrelated to their adaptations from gill- to lung- breathing.
With Moya Smith and Robert Reisz (Erindale Campus, Biology, University of Toronto) I have begun to work on a paper on dental plates of Early Devonian lungfish Ichnomylaxfrom Taymyr Peninsula. This lungfish had peculiar dental plates which grew in an unusual way and possibly could have special histological structure. The genus was established by John Long in 1994 on the material from the Lower Devonian of Victoria, Australia (type species - Ichnomylax kurnai). Dental plates of both Taymyrian and Australian forms look extremely similar, but undoubtedly belong to different species.

Papers of interest:
Krupina N.I. and Reisz R.R. 1999.
Reconstruction of dentition in hatchlings of
Andreyevichthys epitomus,a Late
Famennian dipnoan from Russia. Modern
Geology, 24:99-108.
Krupina N.I., Reisz R.R. & Smith M.M. 1999.
Discovery of petrodentine in tooth plates of
an Early Devonian dipnoan from Northern
Siberia. Ichthyolith Issues Special
Publication 5, p27.

Dr Elga KURIK, Institute of Geology, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Estonia PST 7, E-10105 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Elga produced coloured models of certain fishes for a special exhibition in Estonia and also seen at the Natural History Museum in Riga: included are anaspid Rhyncholepis, placoderms Tiaraspis, Bothriolepis, and acanthodian Culmacanthus.

Publication update:
Mark-Kurik E. 1995. Muistsed kalad ja nende
kivistised Eestis [Ancient fishes and their
fossils in Estonia] Eesti LoodusNo. 8,
August, 226-228 (In Estonian, Engl. summ.
p. 229).
Mark-Kurik E. 1999. Psammosteid
microremains from the Middle Devonian of
Estonia. Modern Geology, 24(1):1-21. Mark-Kurik E. 1999. Some Middle Devonian
and Emsian Correlation problems. In: 4th
Baltic Stratigraphical Conference. Problems
and Methods of Modern Regional
Stratigraphy. Abstracts. R_ga, p58-60. Mark-Kurik E., Blieck A., Loboziak S. &
Candilier A.-M. (1999).- Miospore
assemblage from the Lode Member (Gauja
Formation) in Estonia, and the Middle-Upper
Devonian boundary problem.- Proc. Eston.
Acad. Sci., Geol., 48 (2): 86-98, 2 fig., 1
pl.; Tallinn [with Estonian and Russian
Marshall J.E.A., Astin T.R., and Mark-Kurik E.
1999. An integrated palynostratigraphy and