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What creature is this (Phylum, Class)?
(see more stunning photos by Arthur Anker)

(Final lecture exam location, End of term marks,
Summer courses at Marine Stations, Other invertebrates courses at the U of A)


Teaching Assistants:

  • Living Invertebrates, 1987
    Pearse, Pearse, Buchsbaum and Buchsbaum;
    Blackwell, Boston, MA; ISBN 0-86542-312-1
    (recommended readings from the text)

  • Zool 250 Laboratory Guide & Lecture Handouts 2016
    A.R. Palmer & R. Koss

Annotated Bibliography:
Lecture & Laboratory Study Materials:

  • View the entire classification of animals (to subclass) as in the course text or check out the classification of particular groups at ZooBank, or the Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

    ProtoDeutero.jpg, 13K     Browse the Tree of Life of animal phyla as followed in Zool 250 and review key characters defining major branches.

  • Having trouble remembering some of the material you saw in lab? Maybe the study images of prepared slides and dissections will help.

  • Still mulling over key concepts or processes discussed in lecture? Some entertaining and informative animations are available for review or self test.

  • Self-testing exams may help you prepare for lecture and laboratory exams.

  • Curious about the meaning of scientific names of animals or body parts? Search the table of Greek & Latin roots for clues.

Old Lecture Outlines & Notes:


(see also textbook reading assignments and cladogram of animal phyla)

sponge.jpg, 13K
Mon 4  Introduction: Why study invertebrates? (course preliminaries, outline)
Wed 6  Diversity, phylogeny, classification (outline)
      (Metazoa cladogram)
Fri 8  Key characters defining the Tree of Life (outline)
Mon 11  Kingdom Protista (outline 1, outline 2)
      (Protista cladogram, study images)
Wed 13  Origin of Metazoa; Porifera (I): Introduction (outline)
medusa.jpg, 23K
Fri 15  Porifera (II): Function and diversity (outline); Placozoa (outline)
      (Porifera cladogram, study images, animation)
Mon 18  Cnidaria (I): Introduction, tissues, cell types (outline)
Wed 20  Cnidaria (II): Diversity- Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa (outline)
      (Cnidaria cladogram & study images; Life cycle animations: Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa)
Fri 22  Cnidaria (III): Diversity- Anthozoa (outline); Ctenophora (outline)
      (Ctenophora cladogram & study images)
Mon 25  Bilateria: General characteristics (outline)
      (Excretory systems animation; some amusing perspectives on symmetry)
Wed 27  Protostomia and Deuterostomia (outline)
      (Metazoa cladogram)
Fri 29  Platyhelminthes (I): Introduction, Turbellaria (outline + links)
      (Platyhelminthes cladogram & study images)

polyclad.jpg, 4K
Mon 1  Platyhelminthes (II): Parasitic taxa (outline), Nemertea (outline)
      (Platyhelminthes cladogram & study images)
Wed 3  Aschelminthes (I): Overview (outline)
      (Aschelminthes cladogram & study images)
Fri 5  Aschelminthes (II): Diversity- Nematoda, Rotifera (outline), Other phyla (outline)
      (Aschelminthes study images)
Mon 8  Mollusca (I): Introduction & overview (outline)
      (Mollusca cladogram)
murex.jpg, 50K
Wed 10  Mollusca (II): Diversity- Minor classes (outline)
      (mollusc diversity study images)
      (view sample questions here)
Mon 22  Mollusca (III): Diversity- Gastropoda (outline)
      (Gastropoda study images)
      (Read Garstang's memorable poem: How the gastropod got it's twist)
cuttlefish.jpg, 25K
Wed 24  Mollusca (IV): Diversity- Bivalvia, Scaphopoda (outline)
      (Bivalvia study images; Particle feeding animations: filibranch, eulamellibranch )
Fri 26  Mollusca (V): Diversity- Cephalopoda (outline)
     (Cephalopoda study images; Squid swimming animation)
 Sipuncula (outline)
      (Sipuncula cladogram & study image)
Mon 29  Metamerism; Annelida (I)- Polychaeta (outline)
      (Annelida cladogram & study images; Polychaete locomotion animation)
      (Try out the Rhyming key to polychaete families)

worm.jpg, 9K
Wed 2  Annelida (II): Oligochaeta (outline)
      (Annelida cladogram & study images; Earthworm locomotion animation)
Fri 4  Annelida (III): Hirudinea (outline)
Mon 7  More Worms: Echiura, Pogonophora (outline)
      (Echiura & Pogonophora cladogram & study images)
Wed 9  Arthropod (I): Origins, Onychophora, Tardigrada (outline)
      (Onychophora cladogram & study image)
Peripatus.jpg, 19K
Fri 11  Arthropoda (II): Overview, exoskeleton and molting (outline)
      (Arthropoda cladogram)
Mon 14  Arthropoda (III): Limbs and muscles (outline)
      (Claw + limb animation)
Wed 16  Arthropoda (IV): Eyes, respiration and coeloms (outline)
crab.jpg, 5K
Fri 18  Arthropoda (V): Diversity, Introduction and Crustacea (outline, outline)
      (Crustacea cladogram & study images)
Mon 21  Arthropod (VI): Other subphyla (outline)
      (Arthropoda & Pterygota cladograms, other arthropod study images)
Wed 23  Arthropod (VI): Other subphyla (cont.) (outline)
      (Arthropoda & Pterygota cladograms, other arthropod study images)
Fri 25  No Class (Good Friday)
Mon 28  No Class (Easter Monday)
Wed 30  Deuterostomia; Echinodermata (I): Overview, body plans (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram & study images)

CukeStar.jpg, 12K
Fri 1  Echinodermata (II): Skeleton, water-vascular system (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram & study images)
Mon 4  Echinodermata (III): Feeding, locomotion, development (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram & study images; Urchin feeding animation)
Wed 6  Lophophorates, Hemichordates (outline)
      (Deuterostome cladogram, study images)
 Invertebrate chordates (outline)
      (Chordate cladogram & study images; Sea squirt feeding animation)
enteropneust.jpg, 4K
Fri 8  Deuterostome relations, The Tree of Life review (outline)
        (0900, Pavilion= Butterdome)
       (0900, BioSciences Z211)


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