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(A sampling of subtidal invertebrates. How many phyla can you see?)


Teaching Assistants:

  • Living Invertebrates, 1987
    Pearse, Pearse, Buchsbaum and Buchsbaum;
    Blackwell, Boston, MA; ISBN 0-86542-312-1

  • Zool 250 Laboratory Guide & Lecture Handouts 2004
    A.R. Palmer & R. Koss

Annotated Bibliography:
Lecture & Laboratory Study Materials:

  • View the entire classification of animals (to subclass) as in the course text or check out the classification of particular groups at GenBank.

  • ProtoDeutero.jpg, 13K     Browse the Tree of Life of animal phyla as followed in Zool 250 and review key characters defining major branches.

  • Having trouble remembering some of the material you saw in lab? Maybe the study images of prepared slides and dissections will help.

  • Still mulling over key concepts or processes discussed in lecture? Some entertaining and informative animations are available for review or self test.

  • Self-testing exams may help you prepare for lecture and laboratory exams.

  • Ever wonder about the meaning of scientific names of animals or body parts? Search the table of Greek & Latin roots for clues.


(see also textbook reading assignments and cladogram of animal phyla)

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Mon 5  Introduction: Why study invertebrates? (course preliminaries, outline)
Wed 7  Diversity, phylogeny, classification (outline)
      (Metazoa cladogram)
Fri 9  Key characters defining the Tree of Life (outline)
Mon 12  Kingdom Protista (outline 1, outline 2)
      (Protista cladogram & study images)
Wed 14  Origin of Metazoa; Porifera (I): Introduction (outline)
Fri 16  Porifera (II): Cell types, feeding, development and diversity (outline)
      (Porifera cladogram & study images)
Mon 19   Cnidaria (I): Introduction, tissues, cell types (outline)
Wed 21  Cnidaria (II): Diversity (outline)
      (Cnidaria cladogram & study images)
Fri 23   Cnidaria (II): Diversity (cont.) (outline); Ctenophora (outline)
      (Ctenophora cladogram & study images)
Mon 26  Bilateria: General characteristics (outline)
      (some amusing perspectives on symmetry)
Wed 38  Protostomia and Deuterostomia (outline)
      (Metazoa cladogram)
Fri 30  Platyhelminthes (I): Introduction, Turbellaria (outline)
      (Platyhelminthes cladogram & study images)
polyclad.jpg, 4K
Mon 2   Platyhelminthes (II): Parasitic taxa (outline), Nemertea (outline)
      (Platyhelminthes cladogram & study images)
Wed 4  Aschelminthes (I): Overview (outline)
      (Aschelminthes cladogram & study images)
Fri 6  Aschelminthes (II): Diversity- Nematoda, Rotifera (outline)
      (Aschelminthes study images)
Mon 9  Mollusca (I): Introduction & overview (outline)
      (Mollusca cladogram)
murex.jpg, 4K
Wed 11  Mollusca (II): Diversity- Minor classes (outline)
      (mollusc diversity study images)
      (view sample questions here)
      (Optional field trip to the Bamfield Marine Station)
Mon 23  Mollusca (III): Diversity- Gastropoda (outline)
      (Bivalvia study images)
Wed 25  Mollusca (IV): Diversity- Bivalvia, Scaphopoda (outline)
      (Cephalopoda study images)
Fri 27  Mollusca (V): Diversity- Cephalopoda (outline)
 Sipuncula (outline)
      (Sipuncula cladogram & study image)
grapsus.jpg, 5K
Mon 1  Metamerism; Annelida (I)- Polychaeta (outline)
      (Annelida cladogram & study images)
Wed 3  Annelida (II): Oligochaeta (outline)
Fri 5  Annelida (III): Hirudinea (outline)
Mon 8  More Worms: Echiura, Pogonophora (outline)
      (Echiura & Pogonophora cladogram & study images)
Wed 10  Arthropod (I): Origins, Onychophora, Tardigrada (outline)
      (Onychophora cladogram & study image)
Fri 12  Arthropoda (II): Overview, exoskeleton and molting (outline)
      (Arthropoda cladogram)
Mon 15  Arthropoda (III): Limbs and muscles (outline)
Wed 17  Arthropoda (IV): Eyes, respiration and coeloms (outline)
Fri 19  Arthropoda (V): Diversity, Overview and Crustacea (outline, outline)
      (Crustacea cladogram & study images)
Mon 22  Arthropod (VI): Other subphyla- Chelicerata (outline) (Proctor notes)
      (Arthropoda, other arthropod study images)
Wed 24  Arthropod (VII): Other subphyla- Trilobitomorpha, Uniramia (outline) (Proctor notes)
      (Arthropoda & Pterygota cladograms, other arthropod study images)
Fri 26  Deuterostomia; Echinodermata (I): Overview, body plans (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram) & study images)
Mon 29   Echinodermata (II): Skeleton, water-vasacular system (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram & study images)
Wed 31   Echinodermata (III): Feeding, locomotion, development (outline)
      (Echinoderm cladogram & study images)
enteropneust.jpg, 4K
Fri 2  Lophophorates & Deuterostome relations (outline)
      (Deuterostome cladogram, lophophorate study images)
Mon 5  Hemichordata (outline)
      (Deuterostome cladogram, hemichordate study image)
 Invertebrate chordates (outline)
      (Chordate cladogram & study image)
Wed 7  Retrospective: The Tree of Life (outline)