Zoology 250: Survey of the Invertebrates
What students said in 2004

About the course in general . . .

  • I was dreading taking this course, but I ended up loving it and it's my highest mark. Dr. Palmer was awesome! He's enthusiastic and funny and engages the class in learning the concepts. The class notes are well-organized and easy to understand. The pictures and videos are a nice break.

  • [This] course was about as interesting as a course can be about invertebrates. Could have been a lot worse, i.e. Made the best of a bad situation.

  • Dr. Palmer was an awesome teacher, he really made me perceive the world differently. Some of the things (types of animals) we saw, I didn't even know they existed.

  • This is hands-down my favorite class in 2 years at the U of A. It's so incredibly cool. Dr. Palmer's enthusiasm and staggering repository of invertebrate trivia were a huge element of the coolness that is Zool 250.

  • I really disliked this class. It was very tedious. The textbook is horrible. It has no glossary, a terrible index and few terms/structures are actually explicitly defined. The annotated bibliography is a good assignment though. Maybe on the website you should also put bad comments people made to give others a more complete view of this course before they take it.
    (Sigh, I guess you can't please everyone)

  • The notes packet was awesome. It allowed me to listen and still have an excellent note set. Dr. Palmer is very enthusiastic and made invertebrates exciting.

About the lectures . . .

  • I felt this instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject and explained concepts very clearly. I also liked the printed lecture notes, which were well organized. It was great that he had PowerPoint presentations with actual pictures of organisms and structures, behaviors of the animals we were studying. He also made the information interesting and was enthusiastic about the subject.

  • Wow! What an amazing course and what an amazing prof!! I really enjoy Dr. Palmer's lectures. Amazing!!

About the labs . . .

  • Truly amazing work Dr. Palmer. You are one of a kind. The presence in lab was great to see, as well as how well you connected the lecture to the lab.

  • Labs were great, Ron did an amazing job. He should be nominated for something.

  • Dr. Palmer was excellent overall. He was very approachable and down to earth. He even showed up in our lab sessions to help out and answer our questions. I thought that was wonderful! It really showed he cared that we learned and were excited about invertebrates!! Also, I think Ron the lab coordinator deserves special recognition he was helpful, knowledgeable and conducted an excellent lab experience.

About the WWW material . . .

  • The web page for the lecture component was awesome and the functionality of the website helped my studying efforts.

  • The course web page is really good and very useful, unlike a lot of others.

  • I really appreciate all the resources available on the website.

About the text . . .

  • One thing I would have liked is if there was not as much taxonomy in the course and if the text was better.

About the optional Bamfield Field Trip . . .

  • Two words: Bamfield rocks!! By far one of the best experience I've ever had. Thanks for making it possible.

  • If I could have just one wish, it would be that everybody who really wanted to go on the Bamfield trip could go; I had such a great time!

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