Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots S - Z

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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U - Z

sacchar- sugar
saccul- little sac
sacr- sacred
sagitta- arrow
sal- salt
sanguini- bloody
sapon- soapy
sarc- flesh
sativus- cultivated
saur- lizard
scala- ladder
scalene- uneven
scaph- anything hollow, bowl, ship
schizo- split
scler- hard
scop- gaze, small owl, broom, shadow
scut- shield
scyph- cup
seba- tallow, wax
sect- cut
segetum- in cornfields
selen- moon
sella- saddle, seat
semi- half
sept- seven, wall
ser(olu)- any body fluid
serot- late
serrat- saw-toothed
set- hair
sex- six
simi- monkey
sinus- hollow, bay
sipho- tube
sol- sun
soma- body
somni- sleep
specios- showy
sperm- seed
sphen- wedge
sphinct- closing
spinos- spiny
spondyl- vertebra
squalid- squalid
squam- scale
squarros- spreading at tips
stae(rlt)- fat
sta(silt)- standing
steg- covering
stell- star
steno- narrow
stereo- solid
steril- sterile
stern- breastbone
stom- mouth
strat- layer
strept- twisted
strictus- upright, stiff
strigos- having stiff bristles
stroph- turning
styl- column
sub- below
sucr- sugar
sulc- furrow
super- beyond
supin- lying back
supra- above
sutur- seam
sym- with
syn- with
syrin(glx)- pipe
sys- with
tachy- fast
tact- touch
taenia- ribbon
talus- ankle
tapetum- carpet
tard- late
tarsus- ankle
tect- covered
tegmen- covering
tel (e/o)- far, end
teleo- complete
temno- cut
tenacul- holding
tentor- spread like a tent
tenuis- slender
ter(ti)- three
teres- round
tetr- four
textilis- of textiles
thalam- chamber, bed
thalass- sea
theca- case
thel- nipple, female
therm- heat
thero- breast, mammal
thyreo- large shield
tinctori- of dyes
torn- cut
tomentos- densely woolly
torpe- numb
toxo- arrow, dart
trab- beam
trachy- rough
trago- goat
trans- across
trapez- four sided, table
trema- hole
tremulans- trembling
tri- three
trich- hair
trivialis- trivial
troch- wheel
trop- turning
troph- feed
tussi- cough
uliginosus- in marshes
-ul- diminutive
ulo- wooly
ultra- above
umbilic- navel
un- one
unc- hook
ungui- nail, claw
ungul- hoof, claw
urens- bum
uro- tail
urs- of bears
utricul- little skin bag
uv(ela)- grapes

vagina- sheath
vagus- wandering
vas- vessel
velum- veil
ven- vein
ventr- belly
verd- green
veris- true
verm- worm
vern- spring
versi- various
vesic- blister
vesper- evening, western
vill- shaggy hair, velvet
virens- green
visc- organs of body cavity
vita- life
vitell- yolk
vitr- glass
vora- devour
vulgaris- common
vulp- fox

xanth- yellow
xen- stranger
xer- dry
xiphi- sword
xyl- wood

zo- animal
zon- girdle
zyg- yoke

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