Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots A - C

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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a(n)- without
ab- away from
abduc- lead from
acanth- prickle
acer- without horns
acetabul- vinegar cup
aceto- acid
acin- cluster of grapes
acri- acrid, sharp
acro- summit, top
actin- ray
acust- of hearing
ad- towards
adipo- fat
adventit- coming to
aegopod- goat-foot
aestiv- summer
affer- carrying to
agrest- rural, wild
agro(st)- field
al(i)- wing
alb- white
allant- sausage
allium garlic
alopec- fox
altissim- tall
alve- pit, socket
ambly- blunt
ambul- walk
ammo- sand
amnio- fetal envelope
amoeb- change
amphi- both
amplex- clasping
ampulla- flask
amygdala- almond shaped organ
amyl- starch
an- without
ana- up, back, again
anatol- east
Anagallis- delightful
anchus- bend, bay
andr- male
anemo- wind
angi- vessel
angul- angle
angusti- narrow
ankylo- stiff jointed
annu- annual
anomo- lawless, irregular
anser- geese
ante- before
antho- flower
anthro- human
anti- against, opposite
antr- cave
apo- separate, from
aqua- water
aguilin- eagle-beaked
arach- spider
arbor- tree
arc- arch
arch(ae/i)- ancient
arct(i/o)- north, bear
are- space
areni- sandy
arg(en/lyr)- silver
arthro- joint
artic- jointed
artio- even-numbered
arundin- reed-like
asc- sac
asper- rough
aspid- shield
ast(e)r- star
astrag- dice (originally a knuckle bone)
ater, atra- black
Atlas= a Titan(mythical giant) who supported the world on his shoulders
atr(ium)- vestibule
Atropos= one of the Fates who cut the thread of life
aur- ear, gold
austral- southern
auto- self
aux- grow
avi- bird
axi- axis
azyg- unpaired
baca- small berry
baccatus- berried
baena- walking
balan- acorn
barb- beard
basi- at the bottom
bat(is) skate, ray
bdella- sucker
bell- pretty
bi- two
bi(ola)- life
blast- germ
bore- north
botry- small bunch of grapes
bov- ox
brachi- arm
brachy- short
brady- slow
branch- gill
brevi- short
brizo- to nod
bromo- oats, broom, shadow
bronch- windpipe
bucca- mouth cavity
bulbos- bulbous
bulla- bubble, flask
bullat- wrinkled
buno- hill
bursa- pouch, purse

caduci- temporary
caec- blind
caerul- sky blue
caespit- tufted
calam- reed, aspen
calc- stone
calli- beautiful
callos callous
calor- heat
calyx cup, chalice
camp- field
campanula bell
cani- dog
cap(it)- head
capill- hair
capsella- small box
card- heart
carin- keel
cam- flesh
carotid- producing stupor
carp- seed, wrist
cary- nut
cata- down
cauda- tail
cav- hollow
centi- hundred
ceph(al)- head
cera(s)(t)- horn
cerc- horns, lobes, short tail
cerebro- brain
cerv- neck
ch(e)ir- hand
chaero- to please
chaet- bristle
chamae- on ground
chel- turtle
cheno- goose
chiasm- crossing
chil- lip
chlamy- outer garment
chlor- green
choan- funnel
chondr- cartilage
chord- cord
chorion membrane
chrom- colour
chrys- golden
chyl- fluid
chym- juice
cili- eyelash
ciner- ashen, grey
cipit- head
circum- around
cirr- tentacle (originally curl)
cl(e)ist- closed
clad- branch
clast- broken
clav- key
cleid- key
cleithr- bar, key
clin- bed, recline
cloaca sewer
coccus berry, grain
cochl- shell
coel- hollow
col(on) large intestine
coll- neck
collat- borne together
columella little column
com- with
commis- sent out
communis- colonial
commutat- changed
compact- compact
compress- flattened
con- with
conch- shell
condyl- knuckle
cono- cone
contra- opposite
convolvo- to entwine
copro- dung
cora(xlg)- raven
corb- basket
cord- heart
corium- leather
corn- horn
coron- crown
corp- body
cort- bark
cost- rib
cotyl- cup
crani- skull
crass- thick
crep- shoe
cribi- sieve
cric- ring
crispus curled
crist- crest
crosso- fringe, tassel
cru(rals)- shank
cruci- cross-like
crypt- hidden
cten- comb
cusp- lance, point
cuti- skin
cyan- blue
cycl- circular
cyno- dog
cyst- capsule
cyt- cell

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