Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots L - N

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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labi- lips
labyrinth- tortuous passage
lacer- torn
lacrim- tears
lact- milk
lacuna- space
laevo- left
lagena- flask
lamella- leaf, layer
lan(at)- wool
lanceol(at)- lance-shaped
lati- broad
lecith- egg yolk
lemm- skin, husk
lens- lentil, bean
leo(n)- lion
lepid- scale
lepto- slender
leuc- white
levator- lifter
lign- wood
ligul- strap-shaped
lin- line
ling- tongue
lip- fat
lith- stone
log(y)- discourse
loph- crest
lumen- cavity
luna- moon
lupus wolf
lute- yellow
lymph- clear water
lysis- loosen
macr- large
macula- spot
magni- large
maj- greater
mala- cheek
malleus- hammer, mallet
mamma- breast
mandib- lower jaw
manu- hand
maritim- of the sea
marsupium- pouch
masseter- chewer
mast- nipple
mat(e)ri- mother
maxi- large
maxill- jaw
maxim- greatest
meatus- passage
medi- medium
medull- marrow
mega- large
mel(l)i- honey
melan- black
menin(x,g)- membrane
meno- moon
mer- part
meso- middle
meta- after
micro- small
milli- thousand
min- smaller
minim- smallest
mirabile- wonderful
miss- sent
mito- thread
mixi- mingle
moll- soft
monil- string of beads
mono- one
montan- of mountains
morph- form
motor- mover
multi- many
mural- walls
muri- mouse
myo- muscle, mouse
myri- countless
myx- mucous
myz- sucker
na(rls)- nose
necro- dead
necto- swimming
nema- hair
nemoral- in woods
neo- new
nephr- kidney
neur- nerve
nictitat- winking
nigr- black
non- not
nona- nine
noth- spurious
notho- southern
noto- back, south
nu(clx)- nut
nuch- back of neck
nucle- little nut
nud- naked
nulli- none
nutans- nodding

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