Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots G - K

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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I, J, K

gal- milk
gale- weasel
gall- of France
gangli- knot
gano- shining
gast(e)r- stomach, pouch
gemin- twins
gemm- bud
genu- knee, joint
geranium- crane
gerro- shield
gladi- sword
glen- socket
glia- glue
glom(er)- half of yam
glo(ss/tt)- tongue
glut- sticky
gl(uly)c- sweet
glypt- carved, engraved
gnaph- wool
gnath- jaw
goni- angle
gono- seed
gracil- slender
gram- of grass
gymn- naked
gyn- woman
gyr- turning
haem- blood
hal- salty
hallu(x/ci)- big toe
hamat- hook
haplo- single, simple
hasta(t)- spear-tip shape
hect- hundred
heira- hawk
helios- sun
helminth- worm
helo- wart
hemi- half
hepa(r/t)- liver
hepta- seven
hetero- different
hex- six
hibem- winter
hippo- horse
hirsut- hairy
hispid- bristly
histri- actor
holo- complete, whole
homo- man, same
homal- flat
hormon- that which excites
hortens- of gardens
humus- ground
hyal- glassy
hydr- water
hyemal- winter
hyo- U-shaped
hyper- above
hypo- beneath
ichthy- fish
-ida- like
-idae- ending of zoological family names
ileum- twisted
impar- unpaired
in- in, not
-in- diminutive
-inae- ending of zoological sub-family names
incarnat- flesh coloured
incis- cutting in
incus- anvil
inermis- unarmed
inflexis- rigid
infra- under
inter- between
intra- within
iod- violet
-iola- diminutive
iris- rainbow
iso- equal
iter- passage

jug- yoked together
jungoljunc- to bind

ket- ketone
kilo- thousand

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