Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots D - F

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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dactyl- finger
dasy- shaggy
deci- ten
decid- falling off
decuss- cross banding
deka- ten
delph- womb
delphis- dolphin
demi- half
dendr- tree
dent- tooth
derm- skin
dero- persisting
desmo- band
deut- second
dextro- right
di(a)- two
dia- through
didym- twin
digit- finger
dino- terrible
diplo- double
dipso- thirst
dissect- deeply cut
dodeca- twelve
don't- tooth
dors- back
drom- quick running
dubi- doubtful
dulci- sweet
duo- two
dur- hard
echino- spiny
echis- viper
eco- house
ecto- outside
effer- carrying away
effusus- loosely spreading
ejacul- throw out
elasmo- plate, flat
elat- tall
-ell- diminutive
embio- living
embol- thrown in
endo- inside
engy- narrow
ensi- sword
entolenter- inside
eo- dawn, east
epi- upon
equi- horse, equal
erect- upright
erythr- red
esculent- edible
ethm- sieve
eu- well, very
eury- wide
ex- out of
exiguus- slender
exo- outside
extens- draw out
extra- beyond
extrins- coming from
fab- bean
falc- sickle-shaped
fallax- false
fasc(ic)- bundle
fatuus- foolish, useless
feli- cat
fer- carry
ficar- fig-like
fil- thread
fistul- hollow, tube
flacc- flabby
flav- yellow
flexu- wavy
flocculus- lock of wool
fluitans- floating
foen- hay
foetid- foul smelling
foli- leaf
fontan- fountain
foramen- opening
fornix- vault
fovea- shallow round depression
fruticans- shrubby
fund- to pour
furc(ul)- fork

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