Zool 250 - Greek & Latin Roots O - R

(from: Bailey, B. 1999. Bull. Malacol. Soc. Lond. 32:6-7)

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Q, R

obtect- concealed
obturat- closed
obtusi- blunt
occiden- Western
occip- back of head
oct- eight
odont- tooth
odor- fragrant
oecious- house of
oed- swollen
oen- wine
oesoph- gullet
officinal- used in medicine
-oid- like
olecran- skull of elbow
oleo- oily
olfact- smelling
oligo- few
oliva- olive
omaso- paunch
oment- fat skin
omm- eye
omo- shoulder
omphalo- navel
onto- existing
oo- egg
op(t)- eye
operculum- little cover
ophi- snake
ophthalmo- eye
opistho- behind
opoter- either
or- mouth
orbi- circle
orch- testicle
oriental- Eastern
ornith- bird
ortho- straight
os(ti)- mouth
os(s/t)- bone
ostrac shell
ot- ear
ovi- sheep
ovo- egg
oxys, oxus- sharp, pointed
pachy- thick
palae- old
palli(um)- mantle
pallid- pale
palustri- in marshes
pan- ali
par(a)- near
parie- wall
parvi- little
patella- small dish
patens- spreading
pect(or)- chest
pectin- comb-like
ped- foot, child
pellucid- shining through
pene- almost
pent- five
per(i)- through, beyond
peregrin- foreign
peri- around
persic- peach
petr- rock
phaeo- dark
phag- eat
phalan(g/x)- close formation of troops
phalar- shining
phanero- visible
pher- carry
phil- love
phloe- tree bark
phor- carry
pho(s/to)- light
phragm- fence
phren- diaphragm, mind
phyl- tribe
phyll- leaf
physa- bladder
physio- nature
phyto- plant
pil- hair
pinea- pine cone
pinnat- feather-shaped
pisum- pea
pisc- fish
plac- plate, tablet
plagio- oblique
plan- flat
platy- flat, broad
plec(o/t)- twist, pluck
plesio- near
pleth- full
pleur- side
plex- interwoven
plica- fold
plum- feather
pneu(mo/st)- air, lung
pod- foot
pogo- beard
polio- grey
polit- polished
poll(ex)- thumb
poly- many
pons- bridge
porc- pig
porphyr- purple
porta- gate
post- after
potam- river
potero- drinking cup
praeco- early
pratens- in meadows
pre- before
prim- first
pro- in front of
proct- anus
procumbens- lying flat
profund- deep
proliger- bear offspring
prom- first
proso- front
prostratus- lying flat
prot- first
prunus- plum
psamma- sand
pseud- false
psycho- mind
psychro- cold
pter- wing, fern
ptyal- sahva
pubescens- downy
pubi- sexually mature
pulmo- lung
pungens- pungent
pusill- very small
pygo- rump
pyl- gate
pyo- pus
pyro- heat, fire
pyrus- pear
quadr- four
quarter- four
quin(t/que)- five

rach- spine
radi- root
ram- branching
ran- frog
rapa- turnip
raph- seam
rect- straight
reflex- bent back
ren- kidney
repens- crawling
reptans- crawling
retic- network
retina- little net
retro- behind, backward
rhabd- rod
rhach- spine
rhage- tear, rent
rhin- nose, snout
rhiz- root
rhodo- red
rhynch- snout
-rrh- flow
rode- gnaw
rogos- wrinkled
rostr- beak, prow
rota- tum, wheel
rub(e)r- red
rumen- throat

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