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The following faculty are members of the Plant Biology research interest group.  Click on a name to move to their personal home page.


Bayley, S.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Ecosystem ecology. Biogeochemistry, ecology and hydrology of wetlands and streams.


Cahill, J.F., Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Plant community ecology, productivity-competition, root-shoot interactions, grasslands, plant-herbivore interactions.


Cass, D.A., Ph.D., Professor

Plant structure, development; reproductive biology of flowering plants including in vitro fertilization, embryogenesis and endosperm development in cereals grains.


Constabel, C.P., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Plant molecular biology, ecological biochemistry, plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions.


Cossins, E.A., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Plant biochemistry; one-carbon metabolism biosynthesis folate derivatives, plant and fungal species.


Currah, R.S., Ph.D., Professor

Mycology; taxonomy, ecology, comparative aspects, mycorrhizal relationships in angiosperms.


Dale, M.R.T., Ph.D., Professor

Statistical plant ecology; spatial relationships of plants in populations and communities.


Gifford, D.J., Ph.D., Professor

Plant developmental biology; dormancy, germination, early seedling growth of conifers.


Good, A.G., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Plant molecular genetics; adaptation to specific environmental stresses.


Graham, S., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Molecular systematics of seed plants, basal angiosperms and monocots; breeding-system evolution,  molecular evolution; phylogenetic conguence; long-branch effects


Hickman, M. , Ph.D., Professor and Associate Director, Devonian Botanic Garden

Phycology, aquatic ecology, palaeolimnology; lakes in Alberta , British Columbia, and Montana


Hik, D., Ph.D., Associate Professor


Hoddinott, J. , Ph.D., Professor

Physiological ecology; role of high CO2 and UV-B on boreal forest conifers


Merrill, E.H.,  Ph.D., Associate Professor

Foraging and nutritional ecology of ungulates, plant-herbivore interactions, wildlife populations in modified landscapes.


Owttrim, G.W., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

RNA helicases, environmental sensing, cold stress, redox regulation of gene expression


Stockey, R.A., Ph.D., Professor

Paleobotany; anatomy, morphology vascular plants; evolution gymnosperms.


Taylor, G.J., Ph.D., Professor and Associate Chair (Research)

Plant physiology; physiology and biochemistry of metal tolerance; in higher plants.


Vitt, D.H., Ph.D., Professor and Director, Devonian Botanical Garden

Bryophyte systematics and ecology; ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemistry and development of peatlands.