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     Research interests in the Plant Biology program at the University of Alberta range from the study of intracellular process to understanding the processes that govern the distributions and evolution of plants through ecological and geological time.  The University of Alberta owns superb facilities for investigating plant biology at all levels.  The herbarium within the Department of Biological Sciences contains a large collection of extant and fossil plants. Controlled-environment chambers, greenhouses, and aquarium facilities permit experimental study in terrestrial or aquatic biology. Advanced microscopy and molecular biology service units are available within the Department of Biological Sciences.


     There also exist first-rate terrestrial, freshwater and marine field stations and camps creating diverse research opportunities throughout western Canada.  Field sites/stations exist in the Yukon tundra, native grasslands, boreal forest, northern lakes, and peat lands.  Research facilities are available within the Department of Biological Sciences, and in other faculties within the University of Alberta.


     Members of the Plant Biology Group are also active participants in the new Plant-Animal Interactions Working Group.  This group was established to facilitate collaboration in teaching and research in the multidisciplinary area of plant-animal interactions amongst researchers throughout the university.