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Mailing address: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E9
Office Number: B217 Bio Sciences
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Fax address: (780) 492-1899
Phone Number: (780) 492-1899 or 987-2056

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Current Research interests

Interests include ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemistry, and development of peatlands, particularly as related to climatic changes. I also have continuing interests in all aspects of research related to bryophytes including ecological and systematic studies of mosses in tropical, temperate and arctic areas. I am especially interested in biodiversity, habitat preferences, morphometrics and cladistic analyses of moss taxa and along with other staff am interested in studies of population variation as studied through isozymes.

Recent Publications

DH Vitt, T. Koponen and DH Norris. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LV. Desmotheca, Groutiella, Macrocoma, and Macromitrium (Orthotrichaceae, Musci). Acta Botanica Fennica 154 (1995): 1-94.

LA Halsey, DH Vitt and SC Zoltai. Disequilibrium response of permafrost in boreal continental western Canada to climate change. Climatic Change 30 (1995): 57-73.

Y. Li and DH Vitt. The dynamics of moss establishment: Temporal responses to a moisture gradient. Journal of Bryology 18 (1995): 677-687.

DH Vitt. The genus Calomnion (Bryopsida): Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography. The Bryologist 98 (1995): 338-358.

DH Vitt, Y. Li and RJ Belland. Patterns of bryophyte diversity in peatlands of continental western Canada. The Bryologist 98 (1995): 218-227.

RJ Belland and DH Vitt. Bryophyte vegetation patterns along environmental gradients in continental bogs. Ecoscience 2 (Accepted for publication 21 April 1995). 50 ms.

BJ Nicholson and DH Vitt. Wetland development at Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada. Journal of Paleolimnology 12 (1994): 19-34.

Y. Li and DH Vitt. The dynamics of moss establishment: temporal responses to nutrient gradients. The Bryologist 97 (1994): 1-11.

DH Vitt, SE Bayley and T-L Jin. Seasonal variation in water chemistry over a bog-rich fen gradient in continental western Canada. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Accepted for publication 31 August 1994). 30 ms.

JP Frahm, and DH Vitt. "Comparisons between the mossfloras of North America and Europe". Nova Hedwigia 56 (1993): 307-333.

P Kuhry, BJ Nicholson, LD Gignac, DH Vitt, and SE Bayley. "Development of Sphagnum dominated peatlands in boreal continental Canada". Canadian Journal of Botany 71 (1993): 10-22.

RJS Montagnes, RJ Bayer, and DH Vitt. Isozyme variation in the moss Meesia triquetra (Meesiaceae). Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 67 (1993): 101-112.

DH Vitt, LA Halsey, and SC Zoltai. The bog landforms of continental western Canada, relative to climate and permafrost patterns. Arctic and Alpine Research (Accepted for publication, August 27, 1993). 25 ms.

DH Vitt and WR Buck. Key to the moss genera of North America, north of Mexico. Contributions to the University of Michigan Herbarium 18 (1992): 43-72.

DH Vitt, T. Koponen and DH Norris. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua, New Guinea. 000. pp. XIV-XIX. Ulota and Schlotheimia (Orthotrichaceae, Musci.). In Bryophyte flora of Huon Peninsula, Papus, New Guinea. Editors T. Koponen. (accepted for publication July 1992. 30 ms.

DH Vitt. An overview of factors that influence the development of Canadian peatlands. Memoirs of the Entomological Soceity of Canada. (accepted for publication June 1992). 12 ms.

DH Vitt, G. van Wirdum, L. Halsey and S. Zoltai. The effects of water chemistry on the growth of Scorpidium scorpioides in Canada and The Netherlands. The Bryologist (accepted for publication September 1992). 14 ms.


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