Palaeozoic Microvertebrate News

March 2005

Planning has begun for the next Early/Lower Vertebrates meeting:

Uppsala, Sweden, week of Aug. 13, 2007
Organizers: Per Ahlberg and Henning Blom

Subdepartment of Evolutionary Organismal Biology
Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology
Evolutionary Biology Centre
Uppsala University
Norbyvägen 18A
752 36 Uppsala

More details are here (rtf file)

February 2005

Symposium at the 7th International Congress on the Biology of Fishes
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada: 18-22 July 2006

Biomineralisation in Fish Bones and Teeth:
from Microscopy to Design of Materials

Organizers: Anne Kemp and Gilles Cuny

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November 2004

Just published:

Recent Advances in the Origin and Early Radiation of Vertebrates

Honoring Hans-Peter Schultze

edited by Gloria Arratia, Mark V. H. Wilson, and Richard Cloutier.

Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München, 703 pp.

Order from the publisher.

September 2004

IGCP 491 meeting Yerevan, Armenia, May 22-27, 2005

"Devonian vertebrates of the continental margins


August 2004

IGCP 491 meeting St. Petersburg

"Middle Palaeozoic vertebrates of Laurussia: relationships with Siberia, Kazakhstan, Asia and Gondwana"

in conjunction with the 6th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference

St. Petersburg, Russia, August 22-26 , 2005



August 2003

Microvertebrate/IGCP Publications for 1999-2001 compiled by Susan Turner

Ichthyolith Issues 21

Has been published in pdf format for down-loading.

Here it is (584K in size).

A hard-copy version is now available from Susan Turner, containing additional content not in the pdf version, including publication listings for 1999-2001.

Those who wish a hard copy must pay the subscription fee.

Click on the image at the right to see a larger version of the cover art.

April 2003

The Gross Symposium 2 -

Advances in Palaeoichthyology

will be hosted by Dr. Ervins Luksevics and colleagues,
Latvian Museum of Natural History, in

Riga, Latvia
September 7-12, 2003

Field Trip to northeastern Latvia, September 8-10, 2003

Abstract Deadline: April 30, 2003

The text, in English, should not exceed one page. The text should be written using 12pt Times New Roman font, the margins should be 2 cm at the top and bottom and 2,5 cm on the left and right side. The text should preferably be sent by e-mail, followed by a hard copy if it includes special or national letters. No other special formatting is needed; you could follow Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication style. Please insert the full name(s) and surname(s) of author(s) of the abstract, address(es) and e-mail address(es) below the title.

Abstract Submission: email to Ervins Luksevics at erluks@lanet

Papers to be published in Acta Universitatis Latviensis

IGCP Project No. 491 (2003-2007)

Middle Palaeozoic Vertebrate Biogeography, Palaeogeography and Climate

Full Title: Early Vertebrate biogeographic data as tests of current palaeogeographic models during the Middle Palaeozoic, and its interaction with atmosphere composition, climate change, and extinction events

Leaders: Dr ZHU Min (China) and Dr Gavin Young (Australia)

Address: Dr ZHU Min, Director, Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.O. Box 643, Beijing 100044, China. Tel.: +86-10 683554818; Fax: +86-10 68337001. e-mail:

The project is to enhance the exchange of ideas and data among scientists globally, through a series of web-based forum, workshops and field trips. The main aim is to apply a complex and highly organized global dataset - the distributions in space and time of Early/Lower vertebrates - to provide more rigorous controls on the timing of connections and barriers implied by competing palaeogeographic hypotheses that incorporate extensive equatorial oceans during the Middle Palaeozoic, and to provide a framework for understanding the global diversification of terrestrial ecosystems during the 'Age of Fishes' (Devonian Period), and its interaction with atmosphere composition, climate change, and extinction events. The scope is primarily Devonian, but will include research in earlier and later times. The project is a successor to IGCP projects 328, 406. It will extend the results of 411 and 421, and link with IUGS Sub-commissions (Silurian, Devonian and Carboniferous).

January 2003

Book Announcement:

Donoghue, P.C.J. & Smith M.P. (eds) in press/2003

Telling the evolutionary time: molecular clocks and the fossil record.

Taylor & Francis, 304 pp., 80 illustr., 10 tabl.




Chapter 1 - Molecular clocks: whence and whither? - Francisco Rodríguez-Trelles, Rosa Tarrío and Francisco J. Ayala

Chapter 2 - Molecular clocks and a biological trigger for Neoproterozoic snowball Earth events and the Cambrian explosion - S. Blair Hedges

Chapter 3 - Phylogenetic fuses and evolutionary 'explosions': conflicting evidence and critical tests - Richard Fortey, Jennifer Jackson and Jan Strugnell

Chapter 4 - The quality of the fossil record - Michael J. Benton

Chapter 5 - Ghost ranges - Christopher R. C. Paul

Chapter 6 - Episodic evolution of nuclear small subunit ribosomal RNA gene in the stem-lineage of Foraminifera - Jan Pawlowski and Cédric Berney

Chapter 7 - Dating the origin of land plants - Charles H. Wellman

Chapter 8 - Angiosperm divergence times: congruence and incongruence between fossils and sequence divergence estimates - Niklas Wikström, Vincent Savolainen and Mark W. Chase

Chapter 9 - The limitations of the fossil record and the dating of the origin of the Bilateria - Graham E. Budd and Sören Jensen

Chapter 10 - The origin and early evolution of chordates: molecular clocks and the fossil record - Philip C. J. Donoghue, M. Paul Smith & Ivan J. Sansom

Chapter 11 - Bones, molecules and crown-tetrapod origins - Marcello Ruta and Michael I. Coates

Chapter 12 - The fossil record and molecular clocks: basal radiations within the Neornithes - Gareth J. Dyke

August 2002

The 10th International Symposium on Early Vertebrates/Lower Vertebrates

will be hosted by Martha Richter and colleagues,
of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in

Gramado, RS, Brazil (Southern Brazil)
May 24-28 May, 2004

First Circular and Call for Papers Now Available.

Intercontinental and interhemispherical stratigraphical correlations based on Lower/Early vertebrates; palaeoenvironments/geochronological dating based on early vertebrate faunas; correlations of marine/non-marine fish-bearing strata; systematics and evolution of fossil and extant agnathans and fishes, especially the South American and other Gondwanan faunas. IGCP business meetings; pre-Meeting field trip to vertebrate localities of the Paraná Basin; Abstracts volume plus Special Meeting volume with complete papers.

Further information is available at :

Symposium web site:
Email concerning symposium:

Martha Richter, Departamento de Geologia/IGEO
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Av. Brigadeiro Trompowski, s/n
Prédio do CCMN/Ilha do Fundão
CEP: 21.914-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
e-mail: or

Baltic Stratigraphical Association


Basin Stratigraphy - Modern Methods and Problems

Vilnius, Lithuania, September 22-29, 2002

See more details at this web site.

NEW: Here is the Second Circular in pdf format.

February 2002

Ordovician News

Newsletters and meeting announcements at this web site:

January 2002

Symposium at SVP 2002

Recent Advances in the Origin and Early Radiation of Vertebrates

Convenors: Gloria Arratia, Richard Cloutier, and Mark V. H. Wilson

Norman, Oklahoma, October 9, 2002

The SVP Program Committee has approved this symposium for the Norman meeting. Poster presentations related to the theme of the symposium are hereby invited. A volume of papers authored by the invited platform speakers will be published by Verlag Dr. F. Pfeil, München, and available at the meeting or soon afterward.

For more information contact Gloria Arratia or Mark Wilson.

June 2001



Macquarie University and Australian Museum

Sydney, Australia, July 6-10, 2002

Included symposium: Early Palaeozoic Vertebrate Biogeography;
Included field trip: Palaeozoic fish localities of eastern Australia

See more details at this web site.

February 2001

International Symposium


Syktyvkar, Russia, 2002

Did you miss the IGCP 406 meeting and field trips to the Devonian of the Komi Republic during 2000?

A similar opportunity will be presented during 2002, in association with the above-named symposium.

See more details on the first circular.

The IGCP 406 Annual Report for the year 2000 (final year of the project)

is available as a pdf file (view in Acrobat Reader) or as a (long) web page.

Also available: the IGCP 406 publications list for the year 2000

as a pdf file (view in Acrobat Reader) or as a (long) web page.

January 2001

Prof. VISVALDIS KURSS (1928-2000)

Obituary by Ieva Upeniece

Further information on the 2003 E/LV Meeting in Brazil

can be found here (also see notice below).

November 2000

Just published:

"Timing of Early Vertebrate Evolution"

Results of IGCP 328: Palaeozoic Microvertebrates Project (1991-1996)

Edited by Alain BLIECK* & Susan TURNER**

* Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Sciences de la Terre, Laboratoire de Paléontologie et Paléogéographie du Paléozoïque, UPRESA 8014 du C.N.R.S., F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex (France);
** Queensland Museum, P.O. Box 3300, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia;

This volume contains results obtained during the 6 years of UNESCO-IUGS IGCP 328: Palaeozoic Microvertebrate Biochronology and Global Marine/Non-Marine Correlation (1991-1996), published as a special issue of Courier Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main, FRG). The volume comprises 575 pages, 140 text-figs., 29 tables, 37 black-and-white photographic plates, and 25 papers by 50 authors.

To obtain your copy send a message to the editor of CFS: Dr. P. Königshof, Forschungs-Institut Senckenberg, Senckenberganlage 25, D-60325 Frankfurt a.M., FRG;

"Evolutionary Palaeoichthyology"

Moscow, Russia
3-16 MARCH 2001

Please note: this meeting has been postponed until March of 2001
Click here to see the revised First Circular



June 21st - June 24th, 2001, University of California, Riverside

Focus: Large-scale clade or regional patterns of Ordovician Biodiversity.

All IGCP 410 participants are invited. Please Reply To by December 1, 2000 to receive circulars.

Mary L. Droser, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521
Phone: 909-787-3797; FAX: 909-787-4324

August 2000
Ichthyolith Issues #20 is now available either

•as a PDF file (2.5 Mb; viewable with Acrobat Reader), or

•as a series of linked web pages.

The Final Meeting of IGCP 406 -

CAPV2000: Pan-Arctic Palaeozoic Tectonics, Evolution of Basins and Faunas
with pre- and post-meeting field excursions, took place in
Syktyvkar, Russia, July 12-15, 2000.

Here are some photos from the meeting courtesy of Olle Hints

The volume of extended abstracts from the Syktyvkar meeting is available:

Antoshkina, A., Malysheva, E., & M. V. H. Wilson (eds). 2000.
Pan-Arctic Palaeozoic Tectonics, Evolution of Basins and Faunas.
Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication 6, 166 pp.
Price: USD 20.

Also available: the guide books to the two field excursions:

  • Belyaeva, N. V., & A. O. Ivanov (eds). 2000. South Timan Field Trip Guidebook, July 6-11, 2000. Supplement to Special Publication 6 of Ichthyolith Issues, 85 pp. Price: USD 5.
  • Antoshkina, A., Malysheva, E., & P. Männik (eds). 2000. Subpolar Urals Field Trip Guidebook, July 16-23, 2000. Supplement to Special Publication 6 of Ichthyolith Issues, 119 pp. Price: USD 10.
To order: send total in USD for volumes desired to Dr. Mark Wilson, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E9 CANADA

Those in Russia may wish to order directly from Dr. Anna Antoshkina, Institute of Geology, Komi Science Centre, Uralian Division RAS, 54 Pervomayskaya St., 167982 Syktyvkar, RUSSIA

June 2000
The 9th Early / Lower Vertebrates meeting
took place in

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA, U.S.A., MAY 15-19, 2000.

and was followed by a field excursion to the Devonian of Nevada and Utah.

NEW: Here is a list of meeting participants.

May 2000
Message from Sue Turner,
editor of Ichthyolith Issues

February 2000
IGCP 406

The 1999 Annual Report and Publications List are here:
Annual Report in web page format
1999 Publications List
Annual report in PDF format

October 1999

The 1999 Annual Meeting of IGCP 406

Lower-Middle Palaeozoic Events Across the Circum-Arctic

took place in

Jurmala (near Riga), Latvia,

September 27 - October 2, 1999

in conjunction with the 4th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference, and

included a field excursion to the Devonian of northeastern Latvia.

The volume of extended abstracts from the Jurmala meeting, published as

Luksevics, E., Stinkulis, G., & Wilson, M. (Editors). 1999. Lower-Middle Palaeozoic Events Across the Circum-Arctic. Ichthyolith Issues Spec. Publ. 5:1-68.

can be obtained from Mark Wilson (Edmonton).

To order, send US $15. to Dr. M. Wilson
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, AB

August 1999

"Palaeozoic Vertebrate Biostratigraphy and Biogeography"

(edited by John Long,
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994, 369pp, softback)

is now available at a deeply discounted price!
See the list of contents here.

The regular retail price for this book is $45 US (=$60 Aus), but it is now offered for one third the price -$15 (plus another $5 for postage, packaging).

To order,
send an international money order made out to John Long in equivalent Australian dollars - $28Aus. Sorry, no personal cheques can be accepted.

Dr John Long
Western Australian Museum
Francis St, Perth
Western Australia 6000
Phone: (08) 9427 2757 Fax: (08) 9427 2882
E-mail John Long <>

New: Please also see this Draft List of Microvertebrate Publications for 1999 and send corrections/additions to Sue Turner.

March 1999