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Inquiries are always welcomed from potential graduate students whose research interests are similar to my own.

All about Vinebrooke Lab

The Vinebrooke Lab focuses on the cumulative impacts of multiple environmental stressors on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in mountain, boreal, and arctic lakes. In particular, we are interested in the ecological mechanisms that regulate the resistance of ecosystems and their recovery from stressors, such as climate change, acidic nitrogen deposition, stratospheric ozone depletion and increased ultraviolet-B radiation, and invasive species.

We use lake/pond surveys, time-series analysis of whole-lake studies, paleolimnology, and mesocosm experiments to develop and test hypotheses regarding synergistic or antagonistic interactions among these stressors and their net impacts on primary producers and consumers. In addition, we are conducting experimental re-introductions of extirpated species to determine restoration strategies for damaged freshwater ecosystems. Also, we are examining how terrestrial inputs subsidize the productive capacity of boreal and mountain lakes.

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