Dr. Rolf Vinebrooke is an aquatic community ecologist focused on the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors (e.g., climate change, eutrophication, invasive species) from alpine to prairie lakes and streams. He uses an array of scientific approaches, which include experimental mesocosms and natural ponds, multivariate analyses of environmental gradient and long-term lake monitoring data sets, and paleolimnology. He focuses mainly on trophic dynamics among pelagic and benthic primary and secondary producers, and their resilience to environmental change. His current h-index is 28, having published a total of 67 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals of which 42 involve mountain limnology. He has consistently been awarded NSERC Discovery and Alberta Conservation Association funding over the past 20 years in support of his mountain-based research. He is the biodiversity theme leader for both a proposed NSERC Strategic Network entitled “Alpine Freshwater Futures,” and also an international group of mountain limnologists working on an invited Mountain Continua Mosaics Concept for the Ecological Society of America journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. He has taught international mountain limnology field courses in Austria and Sweden, and is a contributing resident researcher at the University of Calgary Biogeosciences Institute of Kananaskis mountain field station. Over the past five years, his HQP stats total 26 individuals, having mentored two PDFs, five Ph.D., seven M.Sc., and 12 B.Sc. students. He is also on the scientific advisory board of the Alberta Cyanobacterial Monitoring Network and the Board of Directors of the Alberta Lakes Management Society.


CCIS 2-271, Centennial Centre of Interdisciplinary Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9

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