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FromThe Crayfish, by T. H. Huxley, 1879

Figure 2

fig. 2, dorsal view

FIG. 2--Astacus fluviatilis.--Dorsal or tergal views (nat. size). A, male; B, female:-- bcg, branchio-cardiac groove, which marks the boundary between the pericardial and the branchial cavities; cg, cervical groove; these letters are placed on the carapace; r, rostrum; t, t', the two divisions of the telson; 1, eye-stalks; 2, antennules; 3, antennæ; 20, lateral lobes of tail-fin; XV-XX, somites of the abdomen.

[Editor's note: original printed illustration was about 2.5in (6.5cm) vertical by 3.5in (9cm) horizontal.]

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