University of Alberta

Other courses taught

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  • Evolutionary Biology (BIOL296)
  • Paleobotany (BOT460, BOT411)
  • Morphology of Vascular Plants (BOT360)
  • Succession of Life Through Geologic Time (GEOL306)
  • Morphology and Evolution of Seed Plants (BOT407, BOT310)
  • The Plant Kingdom-Vascular Plants (BOT302, BOT210)
  • General Botany (BOT205, BOT199)
  • Advanced Paleobotany (BOT560, BOT511)
  • Flowering Plants of the World (BOT320)
  • Introduction to Plant Resources (INTD204)
  • Biology of Land Plants (BOT210)
  • Research Project (BIOL499)
  • Research Project (BIOL498)
  • Research Opportunity Program in the Biological Sciences (BIOL299)
  • Micropaleobotany (BIOL495/595)

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