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A selection of images.

This page is still under construction. Eventually there will be explanatory text with each image and they will form part of a teaching project to put images of hydrodynamical principles, as they relate to aquatic insects, on the WWW. For the present, just enjoy them.

Flow path over larva of Ametropus neavei.

Boundary layer devlopment

A row of Brachycentrus larvae filter feeding

Cloeon dipterum larva swimming.

Cloeon dipterum larva walking

Dye flow around vertical cylinder

General flow pattern around black fly larva.

Particle paths around black fly larva head.

Flow through labral fan of black fly.

Deflection angle of black fly larva

Dye flow patterns around black fly larva

Black fly larvae and interaction with attached vortex on cylinder

Pseudiron larva using body to form solenoidal vortex to dig for prey items

Model of Pseudiron larva illustrating principle of solenoidal vortex formation.

Upstream view of black fly larvae at two velocities.

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