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Simuliidae - Black Flies.
A selection of images.

This page is still under construction. The images presented here are a small selection of a large collection made by various people over the years, from the now defunct Department of Entomology, University of Alberta. Eventually there will be explanatory text with each image and they will form part of a project to put Medical Entomological images on the WWW. For the present, just enjoy them. The size of file that is indicated in brakets following each label is the compressed size.
Another series of similar images, but with a more hydrodynamical bent can be reached from here

Drawing of Simulium vittatum larva.(55K)

A bacterium captured by larval fan ray microtrichia.(94K)

Larvae in critical flow on a rock.(189K)

Large numbers of larvae on a rock.(234K)

Larval head, showing labral fans.(115K)

Dye showing flow past labral fan of larva.(15K)

Larval mandible, showing innervation.(15K)

Larval mandible and hypostoma coadaptation.(115K)

Nematode parasite emerging from larva.(33K)

Row of larvae.(76K)

Flow past row of larvae.(138K)

Single bite of black fly adult on 8 year old girl.(67K)

Larva in flow(48K)

Simulium cataractarum injesting ephydrid larva(85K)

Head of Gymnopais holopticus larva(96K)

Apical teeth of larval mandible(139K)

Microtrichia on fan ray(114K)

Apical teeth of Simulium oviceps larval mandible(77K)

Head of Prosimulium susanae female(151K)

Flow through labral fan rays(144K)

Simulium cataractarum larva.(67K)
"Room for one". A minimalistic habitat. This larva is in a laminar-flow trickle off moss.
© Simon Pollard

Link to U. I. A. Freshwater Biology. Information on Chironomidae and other lower Diptera.

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