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May 2004
Joes, 51K The CMD section was conceived over lunch at Joe's Food Emporium in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and reinforced by discussions among John Buckland Nicks (St. FX), Roger Croll (Dalhousie), Glenys Gibson (Acadia), Jeff Goldberg (Alberta), Sally Leys (Alberta), André Martel (Canadian Museum of Nature), Ian Meinertzhagen (Dalhousie), Louise Page (Victoria), and Rich Palmer (Alberta) during the CSZ annual meeting at Acadia.
November 2004 Louise Page, Rich Palmer, Sally Leys, Glenys Gibson and Roger Croll drafted a formal proposal to create a new section, and Sally Leys presented this proposal to the CSZ Executive Meeting in Ottawa. The executive approved, in principle, the creation of this new section, pending sufficient interest among members.
February 2005 The minimum number of 30 members had been recruited to the new section by February (this number rose to 45 founding members by the time of the CSZ annual meeting in Kingston).
May 2005 The CMD section became official at the CSZ annual meeting in Kingston. It hosted three contributed paper sessions, and held its first business lunch meeting to plan for the inaugural symposium and other section activities at the May 2006 meeting in Edmonton.
  (download a detailed history of the CMD section, 2002-2005, with pictures; pdf 11.3MB)
May 2006 The CMD premiered its inaugural symposium and hosted 5 contributed paper sessions and one mini-symposium. By the time of this meeting, CMD membership had climbed to over 100 -- the second-largest section in the CSZ. At this meeting the CMD section also offered its first Student Award.

Founding Members (2005)
Ehab Abouheif (McGill)
Mary Arai (Pacific Biol. Stn.)
Aaron Bauer (Villanova)
Philip Bergmann (Tulane)
John Buckland-Nicks (St. FX)
Lisa Budney (Dalhousie)
Michael Burt (UNB)
Douglas Craig (Alberta)
Susan Crockford (Victoria)
Maria de Boef (McGill)
Sonia Delannoy (Calgary)
Mark Forbes (Carleton)
Tamara Franz-Odendaal (Dalhousie)
Glenys Gibson (Acadia)*
Richard Gordon (Manitoba)
Brian Hall (Dalhousie)
Benedikt Hallgrimsson (Calgary)
Bruce Heming (Alberta)
Audrey Heppleston (McGill)
Heather Jamniczky (Calgary)
Ellen Larsen (Toronto)
Hans Larsson (McGill)
Lucy Lee (Wilfred Laurier)
Jennifer Legere (Dalhousie)
Sally Leys (Alberta)*
Frank Mallory (Laurentienne)
Andre Martel (Can. Mus. Nature)
John Martell (DFO)
Selma Mautner (Carleton)
Ian Meinertzhagen (Dalhousie)
Louise Page (Victoria)*
Richard Palmer (Alberta)*
Heather Proctor (Alberta)
Henry Reiswig (Victoria)
Remy Rochette (UNB)
David Rollo (McMaster)
Anthony Russell (Calgary)
Natalia Rybezynski (Can. Mus. Nature)
Steve Smith (Algoma)
Eric Snively (Calgary)
Jon Stone (McMaster)
John Webster (Simon Fraser)
Mark Wilson (Alberta)
Glenda Wright (UPEI)
John Youson (Toronto)
* original proposers of the new section

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