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CMD Section Inaugural Year- 2006
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2006 Annual CSZ Meeting: Edmonton May 2 - 6

The inaugural symposium of the CMD section premiered on May 4:

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Development, Morphology, Evolution:
The Triple Helix

Audience, 173K
(Audience at opening presentation)

Five distinguished Canadian and international speakers highlighted aspects of their research that bridged two of the three themes of the section (development, morphology, evolution).

  • Brian Hall (Dalhousie)
    Penguins, Platypus, Peripatus and Polypterus: Embryos in Evolution

  • Nick Butterfield (Cambridge)
    From Microbes to Morphology: The Cambrian Explosion and Origins of the Modern Biosphere

  • Mark Martindale (Hawaii)
    The Evolution of Morphological Complexity: Developmental Tails (sic) from an Anemone Embryo

  • Philip Currie (Alberta)
    On the Shoulders of Giants: Development, Size and the Evolution of Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Crania

  • Mimi Koehl (Berkeley)
    Sniffing with Hairy Noses: Fluid Mechanics and Convergent Evolution of Odor Capture by Antennae

SPONSORS Generous support for this symposium was provided by:

Mini-symposium In addition to normal contributed paper sessions, the CMD section also sponsored a mini-symposium where professors and students were invited by a session chair to give a normal-length contributed paper, all on a common research theme.

Silent Auction
Nearly $2,000 was raised from the 2006 silent auction at the annual meeting, and all proceeds will go to support activities of the new CMD section.


Executive for 2005-2006
Chair Rich Palmer
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9
Palmer, 11K
Vice-Chair#1 Louise Page
Department of Biology
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia V8N 3N5
Page, 15K
Vice-Chair#2 Tony Russell
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
Russell, 16K

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