IGCP 406 - Circum-Arctic Palaeozoic Vertebrates

A new IGCP project, #406, with full title "Circum-Arctic Lower-Middle Palaeozoic Vertebrate Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy" has begun and will run for the years 1996-2000. Meetings of working groups were held in Uppsala, Edmonton, Tallinn, and Vilnius during 1996. Meetings for 1997 took place in Buckow (near Berlin) Germany in early July, and in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September, in addition to several smaller workshops. The 1998 meeting in Warsaw, Poland, was a big success, and included a workshop on the early fossil record of sharks. The very successful 1999 IGCP 406 meeting was held in Jurmala, near Riga, Latvia, in September, in conjunction with the Baltic Stratigraphical Conference.

The final meeting of IGCP 406 was held in July, 2000, in Syktyvkar, Russia, and included pre- and post-conference field excursions to the Lower - Middle Palaeozoic of the Subpolar Urals and to the Upper Devonian of South Timan. In the spring of 2000, IGCP 406 members also participated in the Early/Lower Vertebrates meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona. Please (see the Palaeozoic News page for details).

The project's co-leaders are Mark Wilson, Tiiu Märss, and Peep Männik. Here is a list of IGCP 406 participants.

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Proceedings volumes for IGCP 406 meetings are available for purchase.
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