Previous Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Corina Brdar (M.Sc.). Butterfly dispersal and colonization of early-successional habitats.

Helena Bylund (PDF). Effect of forest structure on parasitoid attack and dispersal.

Barry Cooke (Ph.D.). Forest structure and long-term dynamics of forest tent caterpillar.

Sherri Fownes (M.Sc.). Characteristics of alpine meadows suitable for Parnassius populations.

Nusha Keyghobadi (Ph.D.). Large-scale dispersal of Parnassius butterflies using microsatellite DNA markers.

Steve Matter (Post-doctoral Fellow). Habitat quality and alpine butterfly dispersal.

April Mitchell (M.Sc.). Landscape ecology of predation on insect parasitoids.

Ed Mondor (M.Sc.). Host-searching behaviour of tachinid parasitoids.

Lorne Rothman (PDF). Effect of forest structure on tent caterpillar-virus interaction.

Chris Schmidt (M.Sc.) Biology of low-density populations of tent caterpillar and parasitoids.

Phil Taylor (PDF).  Population processes at multiple spatial scales. (

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