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FromThe Crayfish, by T. H. Huxley, 1879

Figure 59

fig. 59, later development

FIG. 59.--Astacus fluviatilis.--Ventral (A, B, C, F) and lateral (D, E) views of the embryo and successive stages of development (after Rathke, x 15). A is a little more advanced than the embryo represented in fig. 58, F.; D, E, and F are views of the young crayfish when nearly ready to be hatched; in E, the carapace is removed, and the limbs and abdomen are spread out. 1-14, the cepalic and thoracic appendages; ab, abdomen; br, branchiae; c, carapace; ep, epipodite of the first maxillipede; gg, green gland; h, heart; lb, labrum; lr, liver; m, mandibular muscles.

[Editor's note: illustration is reproduced here approximately twice the size of the woodcut in the book.]

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