Public Domain Data Files & Documents

The Data Files/Documents listed below are all from published sources. Should you wish to use these data files, you should acknowledge the original authors. The 'Stuffit' files include both an Excel 1998 version and a tab-delimited text version of the data file. 'Text' files are semicolon-delimited text files with column headings. The pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin (new window). If you have problems downloading or reading any of these files, contact ARP email.

SET 1:
From figures in Palmer, AR (2000) Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 31:441-480

SET 2:
Appendix and data files to accompany Palmer, AR and C Strobeck (2003). Fluctuating Asymmetry Analyses Revisited.
In: Developmental Instability (DI): Causes and Consequences. (M. Polak ed., Oxford University Press).

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