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Generic Skills


During their undergraduate program, as students develop their generic skills, they can develop a profile of their abilities or personal competencies that is of great use to them when they prepare a curriculum vita or a job application. To facilitate this, academic units need to create situations where students may become aware of how to build their profiles by identifying the skills they are acquiring. As part of this exercise, students can also identify the other skills they might wish to develop to meet academic, career or personal needs.

Students should have the opportunity during their programs to:

  • orient themselves to university study.

  • have their entry level knowledge, skills and attitudes evaluated.

  • understand the required learning outcomes in their chosen courses.

  • identify their personal learning needs and be advised on how to meet those needs.

  • reflect on their personal development and record their progress.

  • receive clear feedback on their academic progress, and discuss their progress with advisors.

  • receive support and advice on career planning.

The Dearing Report in its Recommendation 20 says.

We recommend that institutions of higher education over the medium term, develop a Progress File. It should consist of two elements:

  • a transcript recording student achievement which should follow a common format devised by institutions collectively through their respective bodies:

  • a means by which students can monitor, build and reflect upon their personal development.

The University of South Australia gives advice on developing profiles in Section 2 of their guide to Writing Course and Subject Documents.

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