University of Alberta

Completed Theses

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Hilary Cooke, PhD, 2009. Do aggregated harvests with structural retention conserve cavity users in old forest in the boreal plains?

Michael Stuart Russell, MSc, 2008.  Habitat selection of barred owls (Strix varia) across multiple spatial scales in a boreal agricultural landscape in north-central Alberta

Heather Clarke, MSc, 2008. Impacts of partial harvest of riparian buffer strips on cavity-nesting birds in boreal mixedwood forest.

James L. Churchill, MSc, 2006. Movement and fertilization success of American Redstarts (Setophaga ruticilla) in a fragmented agricultural landscape.

Zulima Tablado-Almela, MSc, 2005. Factors affecting bird populations in the city of Edmonton, Alberta.

Amber Renee Ashenhurst, MSc, 2004. The effects of seismic lines and drill pads on breeding migratory birds in the Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, NWT.

Judy Muir, MSc, 2004. A process to identify high quality avian habitat for the Yellowstone to Yukon reserve design.

Doug Manzer, PhD, 2004. Sharp-tailed grouse breeding success, survival, and site selection in relation to habitat measured at multiple scales.

Judith Toms, MSc, 2004. Spatial scale and temporal variability of songbird population dynamics in the boreal mixedwood forests of northern Alberta.

Stephanie Grossman, MSc, 2003. Owl responses to habitat change at the landscape and regional scale and effects of weather in east-central Alberta.

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