University of Alberta

Dr. Norm E Stacey > Emeritus

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Room: Z 706, Biological Sciences
Phone: (780) 492-1253
Fax: (780) 492-9234

Current Research Interests

Interactions among hormones, pheromones, and reproductive behaviors in fish. Our finding that many fish use released hormones (steroids and prostaglandins) as potent and specific sex pheromones makes possible a wide range of studies on pheromone evolution and function. A long term interest is to describe the nature and distribution of hormonal pheromones among the cypriniform fishes, especially the southeast Asian cyprinids (carps, minnows), to develop a broad understanding of species specificity, and how hormonal pheromones function in signaling and reproductive isolation. More specific goals are to understand the physiological mechanisms underlying endocrine and behavioral responses to hormonal pheromones, and how these responses are influenced by the receiver's endocrine status.
Last Modified:2007-09-04