Papilio (Princeps) demoleus sthenelus (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)

Specimen not available for photography; Voucher at DNA and tissue collection of Naomi Pierce lab at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA; Voucher ID NP: RE02-A018.

Locality: Australia: New South Wales, 12 November 2000.

DNA number FS-b-1832.

Specimen used in study by:

EV Zakharov, CR Smith, DC Lees, A Cameron, RI Vane-Wright and FAH Sperling, 2004. Independent gene phylogenies and morphology demonstrate a Malagasy origin for a wide-ranging group of swallowtail butterflies. Evolution 58 (2004): 2763-2782.

Simonsen TJ, Zakharov EV, Djernæs M, Cotton AM, Vane-Wright RI, Sperling FAH [2010]. Phylogenetics and divergence times of Papilioninae (Lepidoptera) with special reference to the enigmatic genera Teinopalpus and Meandrusa. Cladistics (pre publication).

GenBank Accession Numbers for COI-COII AY569092, EF1a AY569104, and winglessAY569115.