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How to effectively use each plugin
Read Macromedia's installation guide
Troubleshooting Adobe Acrobat Reader
Plugin Logo Description
Acrobat Reader Allows you to read and print PDF files - Help
Flash Allows you to view and interact with Flash animations (scalable) - Help
Shockwave Allows you to view and interact with Director movies (non-scalable) - Help
Quicktime Allows you to watch quicktime digital movies (*.mov) - Help
Windows Media Player Allows you to watch streaming web video - Help

Why is it so important to have the latest flash plugin installed?

  1. Interactivity: Flash allows interactivity such as drag and drop movies as well as checking your responses to the movie's questions. Instructions are usually within the movie on how to use the interactivity.
  2. Advanced features: With Flash we can hide and show different parts of the movie and create things such as calculators that accept keyboard input.
  3. Printing: Only version 4.0.20, or later, of the Flash player will allow you to print material from a Flash movie if the creator of the movie has set up files to print (note: web version ONLY). Normally, a print "button" will appear and pressing it will access your printer (if you have one). Otherwise, right click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) and you will get the option to print every frame of the movie (NOT recommended! unless otherwise stated!
Last Modified: 2007-02-07