The Aquatic Facility

The Aquatic Facility has a fresh water holding capacity of 50,000 litres providing 345 aquariums for work with vertebrates and invertebrates. A smaller marine water system is also available with a holding capacity of 500 litres, providing 2 aquariums for marine animal.

Fresh Water - Water is provided by the City of Edmonton Rossdale water treatment plant. Water supply is directed to three concrete holding tanks where water temperatures are maintained at 5° , 18° , and 35° C. Water temperatures in individual aquarium can be maintained between 5° and 35° C. Water quality is assured by charcoal treatment and chemical injection to remove chlorine. The system is monitered 24 hours a day to maintain preset conditions.

Sea water - Marine water is prepared by mixing of commercial marine mix with 18° C fresh water. The premixed water is circulated through gravel and sea shell filters and maintain at a constant temperature of 10° C before use.

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