Biotron Space Registration

There are three ways to register for space in the Biotron.

  • By phone: 1(403) 492-5916
  • By filling out an application form in the Biotron Office, B702, BioScience Building
  • By submitting the following form

    User name:

    Account #:

    E-mail address: Telephone #:

    Type of facility requested?

    Type of Use?

    If use for teaching, please select course #:

    If use for research, please select research type:

    Day Operating Conditions:

    Temperature ° C % RH Lights On Lights Intensity

    Night Operating Conditions:

    Temperature ° C % RH Lights Of f

    Project Description ( provide a brief description only)

    Space required ( sq.M ) : Tank size required ( litres ) :

    Start Date (dd/mm/yy) : End Date (dd/mm/yy) :


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