Sample Submission to BASL
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To submit samples to our lab:

Step 1: Collect and prepare samples

Sample results will only be as good as you bring into the lab. Please carefully follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) for sample requirements and field subsampling steps:

Click here to download Subsampling and field SOP.

The lab has sample bottles available. Please use appropriate sample bottles (e.g. Amber bottles for chlorophyll analysis). You should also deliver samples promptly especially for some analyses require samples be subsampled or analyzed within 48 hours. If the field sites couldn't access courier service, please refer our subsampling in the field procedures to subsample and preserve samples on site.

Step 2: Fill out the corresponding Chain of Custody (COC)

Please use the following forms for appropriate analysis:

Inorganic Analysis: Click here to download inorganic COC.

Organic Analysis: Click here to download organic COC.

Mercury Analysis: Click here to download mercury COC.

NOTE: If more than 10 samples are submitted, please also submit an Excel sample list: BASL Excel Sample List.

Step 3: Contact the Laboratory

Contact the Lab Manager to notify us when you are going to submit samples. Please give us an advance notice (preferably a week). Dr. Mingsheng Ma:

Information may require:

Step 4: Shipping/delivering samples

Samples can be dropped off in person at room 2-255, Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

If you are submitting your samples by courier, please use the following shipping label:

Shipping label: Click here to download shipping label.

Note: When you are submitting samples by courier, please label the cooler with "PERISHABLE" and our lab address. Also, keep your cooler and sample bottles clean to avoid cross contamination. You should always find out the pickup time from your courier, and the delivery time to Edmonton to make sure samples are not passing their holding time.