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CMD Second Inaugural Symposium 2007
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(Jarmila Kukalov-Peck, speaking)

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2007 Annual Meeting: Montreal May 21 - 25

May 23
8 AM
The second inaugural symposium of the CMD section at the 2007 CSZ Meeting was entitled:
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Three distinguished Canadian and international speakers highlighted aspects of their research that bridges two of the three themes of the section (development, morphology, evolution).
patel-segs  Nipam Patel (Berkeley)
The evolution of segmentation and body patterning: Insights from the crustacean Parhyale
Kukalova-Protohymen  Jarmila Kukalova-Peck, FRSC (Carlton)
Arthropods are all legs: Evolution of arthropod appendages
Shadwick-Tuna  Bob Shadwick (UBC)
Evolution of a unique morphology for locomotion in high-performance fishes

Generous support for this symposium was provided by:


In addition to normal contributed paper sessions, the CMD section sponsored two satellite symposia. Each included a distinguished speaker to give the opening presentation (30 min.) and three 15 min. presentations by graduate students/postdocs.

Satellite Symposium #1: Tue. May 22, 10:30 AM

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Craniofacial Development and Evolution

Lead speaker:
R. Craig Albertson (Syracuse)
The genetic and developmental basis of cichlid trophic diversity

Additional speakers:

Kyle Martin, A Maurya, S. Kuraku, S. Kuratani, M. Ekker (Ottawa) Regulation of agnathan Dlx genes

Tamara Franz-Odendaal (Mount Saint Vincent) Are all vertebrate scleral ossicles homologous to one another?

David Evans (Toronto) Cranial crest growth in lambeosaurine dinosaurs

Student organizer: Kyle Martin (Ottawa)

Co-sponsor: the journal Developmental Dynamics

Satellite Symposium #2: Wed. May 23, 10:30 AM

Developmental Biology and Evolutionary Transformations

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Lead presentation: Bob Carroll, Nadia Frolisch, and Rainer Schoch (McGill)
Evolutionary developmental biology and the ancestry of modern amphibians

Additional speakers:

Basile Tarchini, Denis Duboule and Marie Kmita (Montreal) From ancestral appendages to tetrapod limbs: A Hox story

Luke Harrison, Hans Larsson (McGill) Molecular evolution and correlation of Hoxa11 and Hoxa13 genes to skeletal patterning changes across the fin to limb transition

Marcos Nahmad, Leon Glass, Ehab Abouheif (McGill) A model for the developmental genetic origin of the wing polyphenism in ants

Organizer: Hans Larsson (McGill)


Executive for 2006-2007
Chair Rich Palmer
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9
Palmer, 11K
Vice-Chair#1 Louise Page
Department of Biology
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia V8N 3N5
Page, 15K
Vice-Chair#2 Hans Larsson
Redpath Museum
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K6
Larsson, 21K

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