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IGCP 328: PALAEOZOIC MICROVERTEBRATES UPDATE Alain and I are finalising the manuscripts and trying to find the best way (and least expensive) to publish.

FINAL REPORT OF IGCP 328 (1991-1996)


Contents (as on May 25, 1998)

BLIECK, A. & TURNER, S.: IGCP 328: Palaeozoic Microvertebrates final scientific report -- Introduction.- 21 + 76 p., 4 text-figs, 2 tables, includ. list of referees and IGCP 328 final publication list 1991-1997 [ready for publication].
TALIMAA, V.N.: Significance of thelodonts (Agnatha) in correlation of the uppermost Ordovician to Lower Devonian of the northern part of Eurasia.- 8 p., 7 tables [ready for publ.]. MÄRSS, T.: Silurian vertebrate studies during 1990-1996.- 20 p., 3 text-figs [ready for publ.]. TURNER, S.: New Llandovery to early Pridoli microvertebrates including Early Silurian zone fossil, Loganellia avonianov. sp., from Britain.- 32 p., 8 text-figs, 5 tables, 6 plates, + 11 p. appendix of localities [ready for publ.].
SOEHN, K.L., MÄRSS, T., HANKE, G.F. & WILSON, M.V.H.: Preliminary vertebrate biostratigraphy of the Avalanche Lake sections (Wenlock, Silurian), southern Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T., and review of northwestern Canadian vertebrate localities of Silurian age.- 30 p., 3 text-figs, 1 plate [ready for publ.].
BLOM, H.: Silurian vertebrates from North Greenland.- 6 p., 2 text-figs [ready for publ.]. ZHU Min & WANG Jun-qing: Silurian vertebrate assemblages of China.- 9 p., 1 text-fig., 2 tables [reviewed].
BURROW, C.J. & TURNER, S.: Silurian vertebrates from Australia.- 12 p., 3 text-figs [ready for publ.].
VERGOOSSEN, J.M.J.: Acanthodian and chondrichthyan microremains in the Siluro-Devonian of the Welsh Borderland, Great Britain, and their biostratigraphical potential.- 25 p., 1 text-fig., 2 tables, 4 plates [ready for publ.].
BASDEN, A., BURROW, C., HOCKING, M., PARKES, R. & YOUNG, G.: Siluro-Devonian microvertebrates from southeastern Australia.- 40 p., 12 text-figs [ready for publ.]. DEVONIAN: OLD RED SANDSTONE CONTINENT
BLIECK, A. et al.: Biostratigraphical correlations of Early Devonian ichthyofaunas of the Old Red Sandstone Continent.- [in progress; ].
VALIUKEVICIUS, J.J. & KRUCHEK, S.: Acanthodian biostratigraphy and interregional correlations of the Devonian of the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.- 21 p., 10 text-figs [ready for publ.].
ELLIOTT, D.K., JOHNSON, H.G., CLOUTIER, R., CARR, R.K. & DAESCHLER, E.B.: Middle and Late Devonian vertebrates of the western Old Red Sandstone Continent.- 34 p., 3 text-figs, 1 table [reviewed].
MARK-KURIK, E.: The Middle Devonian fishes of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia) and Belarus.- 25 p., 4 text-figs, 3 tables [ready for publication].
GINTER, M. & IVANOV, A.: Stratigraphic distribution of chondrichthyans in the Middle and Upper Devonian of the East European Platform margin.- 27 p., 2 text-figs, 2 plates [ready for publ.]. ESIN, D., GINTER, M., IVANOV, A., LEBEDEV, O., LUKSEVICS, E., AVKHIMOVICH, V., GOLUBTSOV, V. & PETUKHOVA, L.: Vertebrate correlation of the Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous on the East European Platform.- 22 p., 12 text-figs [ready for publ.].
WANG Nian-zhong, WANG Jun-qing, ZHANG Guo-rui & WANG Shi-tao : Devonian macro- and micro- vertebrate assemblages of China.- 14 p., 2 text-figs [reviewed].
ZHU Min: Catalogue of Devonian vertebrates in China, with notes on bio-events.- 16 p., 4 text-figs [reviewed].
BURROW, C.J., TURNER, S. & WANG Shi-tao: Devonian microvertebrates from Longmenshan, Sichuan, China: taxonomic assessment.- 88 p., 10 text-figs, 1 table, 14 plates [ready for publ.]. DEVONIAN: GONDWANA
TURNER, S. & YOUNG, G.C.: Devonian microvertebrates and marine/non-marine correlation in Eastern Gondwana.- 18 p., 4 text-figs [in progress].
LONG, J.A. & TRINAJSTIC, K.M.: An overview of the Devonian microvertebrate faunas of Western Australia.- 22 p., 2 text-figs, 1 table, 3 plates [ready for publ.].
TURNER, S., BASDEN, A. & BURROW, C.J.: Devonian vertebrates of Queensland.- 32 p., 12 text-figs, 3 tables, 4 plates + appendix 7 p. [ready for publ.].