Curtis Strobeck
Mailing Address

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E9
Office Number: Z610 Bio Sciences
Email address:
Fax address: (780) 492-9234
Phone Number: (780) 492-3515

Academic Degrees


BSc: University of Montana.
MSc: University of Montana.
PhD: University of Chicago.

Areas of Involvement

Basic Population Genetics
Current Problems in Evolutionary Genetics
Mechanisms of Evolution
Molecular Evolutionary Biology

  Graduate Student Committee
  Professional Activities

Peary Caribou Recovery Team, RENEW
Gene Resources Committee of Canadian Genetics Society

Current Research Interests


My research is focused on the use of DNA sequence variation to infer the genetic structure within, and the phylogenetic relationships between, natural populations and the application of molecular techniques to wildlife forensics. Species currently being studied in my laboratory include a variety of ungulates (bison, elk, caribou, and bighorn sheep), bears, trout, and ground squirrels. Techniques being used include DNA sequencing and cloning, DNA fingerprinting, and PCR.

Selected Publications

L. Craighead, D. Paetkau, HV Reynolds, ER Vyse and C. Strobeck. Microsatellite analysis of paternity and reproduction in arctic grizzly bears. Journal of Heredity 86 (1995): 255-261.

D. Paetkau, W. Calvert, I. Stirling and C. Strobeck. Microsatellite analysis of population structure in Canadian polar bears. Molecular Ecology 4 (1995): 347-354.

D. Paetkau and C. Strobeck. The molecular basis and evolutionary history of a microsatellite null allele in bears. Molecular Ecology 4 (1995): 519-520.

RO Polziehn, C. Strobeck, J. Sheraton and R. Beech. Bovine mtDNA discovered in North American bison populations. Conservation Biology 9 (1995): 519-520.

BW Murray, RA McClymont and C. Strobeck. Forensic identification of ungulate species utilizing restriction digests of PCR amplified mitochondrial DNA. Journal of Forensic Sciences (Accepted for publication 5 May 1995): 21 ms.

BW Murray, WB McGillivray, JC Barlow, RN Beech and C. Strobeck. The use of cytochrome b sequence variation in estimation of Vireo (Aves) phylogeny. Condor 96 (1994): 606-616.

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