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Dr. William Donahue


Sources, deposition and bioaccumulation of mercury in Alberta

Graduate Students

Britt Hall


Biogeochemical cycling of mercury in forests and reservoirs

Merritt Turetsky


Carbon accumulation and decomposition in boreal peatlands of western Canada

Cory Matthews


CO2 and CH4 emissions from experimental reservoirs

Erin Kelly


Patterns of mercury accumulation with elevation in Rocky Mountain lakes

Jennifer Graydon


Mechanisms of mercury deposition under Boreal forest canopies

Hg Analyst

Dr. David Kelly   Coordinator, and head analyst, of low-level Hg laboratory

Jane Kirk


Hg analyst

Research Associates

Paul Humenchuk


Assists with research on whole-ecosystem flooding experiments

Graduate Student Opportunities

I currently have opportunities available for graduate students interested in biogeochemical cycling of mercury, carbon and other elements. Please e-mail me at vince.stlouis@ualberta if you are interested in, or wish further information on, any of these research opportunities.

For further information regarding Graduate Studies in general and funding opportunities at the University of Alberta, please refer to the Department of Biological Sciences and Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Websites.

Recent Publications

Refereed journal publications, published or accepted:

St.Louis, V.L., J.W.M. Rudd, C.A. Kelly, B.D. Hall, K.R. Rolfhus, K.J. Scott, S. Lindberg, and W. Dong. 2001. Importance of the forest canopy to fluxes of methyl mercury and total mercury to Boreal ecosystems. Environ. Sci. Technol. 35:3089-3098.

Duchemin, E., M. Lucotte, V.L. St.Louis, and R. Canuel. Hydroelectric reservoirs as an anthropogenic source of greenhouse gases. World Resource Review (accepted for publication 14 September 2000).

Gerrard, P.M. and V.L. St.Louis. 2001. The effects of experimental reservoir creation on the bioaccumulation of MeHg and reproductive success of Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor). Environ. Sci. Technol. 35:1329-1338.

Allan, C.J., A. Heyes, N.T. Roulet, V.L. St.Louis, and J.W.M. Rudd. 2001. Spatial and temporal dynamics of mercury in Precambrain Shield upland runoff. Biogeochemistry 52:13-40.

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Kelly, C.A., J.W.M. Rudd, V.L. St.Louis, T. Moore. 1994. Turning attention to reservoir surfaces, a neglected area in greenhouse studies. EOS 75:332-333.

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Other refereed contributions:

Bodaly, R.A., V.L. St.Louis, M.J. Paterson, R.J.P. Fudge, B.D. Hall, D.M. Rosenberg, and J.W.M. Rudd. 1997. Bioaccumulation of mercury in the aquatic food chain in newly flooded areas. -In: Segel, H., and Sigel, A. (eds) Mercury and Its Effects on Environment and Biology. Marcel Dekker, New York, pp. 259-287.


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