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Mailing address: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E9
Office Number: Z418 Bio Sciences
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Fax address: (780) 492-9234
Phone Number: (780) 492-1253

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Recent Publications

RR Robison, RD Fernald and NE Stacey.  1998.  "The olfactory system of a chichlid fish responds to steroidal compounds." Journal of Fish Biology 53: 226-229.

PW Sorensen, TA Christensen and NE Stacey.  1998.  "Discrimination of pheromonal cues in fish: emerging parallels with insects." Current Opinion in Neurobiology 8: 458-467.

W Zheng, N Stacey and C Strobeck. 1998.  "Direct amplification of microsatellite alleles from sonicated goldfish sperm." Biotechniques 24 no. 3: 407-410.

W Zheng, C Strobeck and N Stacey.  1997.  "The steroid pheromone 4-pregnen-17a,20b-diol-3-one increases fertility and paternity in goldfish." The Journal of Experimental Biology 200 (1997): 2833-2840.