E. coli Codon Usage Analyzer 2.0
by Morris Maduro


This Javascript will take a DNA coding sequence and display a graphic report showing the frequency with which each codon is used in E. coli. The data for this program is from the Class II gene data from Henaut and Danchin: Analysis and Predictions from Escherichia coli sequences in: Escherichia coli and Salmonella, Vol. 2, Ch. 114:2047-2066, 1996, Neidhardt FC ed., ASM press, Washington, D.C.


Paste or type the coding sequence into the large textarea below (uppercase or lowercase is fine). Improper characters will be ignored; U can be put in place of T. The 'threshold' is the cutoff to display a different color for a particular codon, and for the tally of 'bad' codons.


Sequence name: Threshold:

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Copyright (c) 1996 Morris Maduro